Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Haigree is clarifying subtleties of those indecencies how it came in this world because of negative musings occurred by the indignation of mata parvati which thusly took birth of a negative vitality in this world and no one knew this. After certain years this fiendishness got immerged in type of mamtasoor. Prabhu haigree is clarifying about the underhandedness mamtasoor to ganesh how he lead his life. The malice mamtasoor is strolling in the town seeing where a mother is supporting her child yet the insidiousness mamtasoor by his forces makes abhorrent conduct in mother to yell or instruct wrong to his child. A master is showing a kid decent exercises yet mamtasoor comes there too and the kid’s mom is remaining close him so the shrewdness mamtasoor spreads his malevolent forces towards the kid’s mom to cause her to carry on wrong towards master and her child.

Ganesh is chatting with haigree about these shades of malice he saw because of which mother likewise instructs wrong to his child. Haigree says yes as this was expected to mamtasoors power spreading and clarifies about parvati mata meeting mamtasoor and disclosing him to not to carry on wrong. Ganesh is determining what he saw was mamtasoor was not prepared to forfeit his conduct as this was a major slip-up that such sort of fiendishness got brought into the world because of mix-up by mother as well. Mahadev was likewise blameworthy because of which a third asoor named kamasoor got conceived and haigree discloses to ganesh how it occurred.

Mahaedv is sitting doing contemplation about prabhu Vishnu. Vishnu is tuning in to mahadev and changes his structure in excellent lady and comes before mahadev asking and telling I am mohini. Mahadev opens eyes and says thanks to her. Prabhu Vishnu comes in unique structure and asks mahadev. A malicious comes and thanks mahadev for bringing forth him and as mahadev hears and thinks whose voice it was. Mahadev sees the shrewd lady and says this is an off-base birth because of a major error which will be destructive for this world.

The underhandedness kamasoor arrives in a town and acts absurdly. The malevolence is making different fiendishness deceives in the people aggravating their day by day works. The masters are likewise aggravated who are playing out their poojas and yagnas. Haigree is telling ganesh this malice kamasoor who got birth due to mahadev makes destruction in human lives. Ganesh says that he comprehends about this kamasoor malicious how he was exasperating mahadev and yes says haigree and telling ganesh how it occurred. The wrongs are talking inside themselves how they will make detestable in this world and how to plan to demolish this world. They three are choosing to accept favors by thinking as “om namah shivay” to make them extreme incredible.

Precap: Kartik is calling ganesh to come quickly as all divine beings are assaulted by some insidious forces. Ganesh is telling kartik it must be that childish asoor itself.


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