Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode begins with Kuber is telling ganesh that sorry however i’m able to’t obey your orders for starting the doors of wealth. Ganesh is explaining kuber that you do now not recognize as any thief can come anyhow to scouse borrow this wealth. Kartik is likewise convincing however kuber is towards it so ganesh is telling that this wealth is of mata laxmi so ganesh meditates for mata laxmi & mata immerges so ganesh asks for help & permit to give this wealth to reveal the evil so we will catch him & mata orders kuber to offer it to ganesh but warns ganesh to take uitmost care of this wealth. yes says ganesh & thank you mata laxmi for it.

Ganesh tells kuber to instigate now to the egocentric evil for this wealth as mata laxmi has also given us permission.

The evil, through kuber’s powers to instigate

him of the wealth invitation, has understood & wondering what must I ask from kuber so i can ask him diverse objects from wealth. he is wondering what kind of object I have to ask then he thinks of item like chair of kuber or inclusive of the entire palace from that wealth or what not i’m able to take or all wealth from kuberji & laughs fortunately.
Kuber is instigating the evil by using his powers as he comes to take the wealth & ganesh is saying he might be caught. The evil is on foot toward the wealth luckily however now not knowing that ganesh is making plans right here to catch him.

Ganesh is telling kuber not to fear as kuber is in 2d mind of dropping wealth if any mistake happens. Ganesh tells kartik to be alert. Ganesh & all are hiding at the back of trees & is thinking wherein the evil is as all of us are geared up to capture him. Kartik & kuber are telling ganesh to assume fast as the evil is still not come & the sundown is nearing. At night how we are able to protect the wealth & trap the evil says kuber. Ganesh & kartik are convincing kuber to now not to worry & we can wait for him. inside the suggest time they may be hearing the voice & cover in the back of the timber thinking the evil has come.

Ganesh understands the voice of selfish evil & ganesh & kartik are wondering what kuber is doing as his frame is seen hiding in the back of the bushes & if the evil sees this then he’ll run away. Ganesh does a trick & makes a stone pass toward kuber to make him hide properly.

The evil is seeing right here & there & moving to take the wealth happily but very silently while wondering no one must understand he is shifting. He may be very glad to get wealth & speaking inside him excitingly. His is transferring in the direction of the wealth.

Ganesh is caution kuber not to transport anywhere as we can seize this evil anyways & slowly ganesh & kartik are coming from their hidden vicinity to strive seize hold the evil.

The evil is speakme in a totally happy mood thinking now he’ll get the wealth. He jumps to peer the wealth & kuber is seeing this & laughing questioning that this evil is this kind of idiot that during so much small pot in his hand how he’s going to take all this wealth but the evil even as throwing his powers to draw the wealthy objects coming into his pot by his powers & kuber is becoming very uneasy of losing all of the wealth if he pulls all such objects through his powers. Ganesh & kartik are seeing this & kartik is conserving his bow & arrow to hit him & kuber is becoming greater & more uneasy toward the wealth & tells ganesh to do something very soon or will lose all the wealth.

The evil is listening to the voice & turns again to see ganesh, kuber & kartik as he is familiar with that they have got come right here to capture me & he adjustments his form into skeleton. Ganesh is making an attempt to trap him via his powers however no longer running closer to the evil so ganesh is in trouble questioning my powers are not working for him to trap how come?

Precap: The evil is talking with ganesh in the palace that we are able to percentage this wealth in turn you have to depart me free.


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