Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Haigree is telling ganesh that the birth given by you to bhandasoor is practically most grounded mix-up by which every single other fiendishness like hirnakashya, tadkasoor, mahisasoor, mayasoor, durgamasoor are nothing against this bhandasoor as he will be the most grounded underhandedness in all shades of malice. On the off chance that all past, present and future shades of malice meet up then too this bhandasoor will be most grounded, sharpest and greatest wickedness in this world methods end of this world.

Ganesh is staggered and in considerations hearing after this. Hiagree is telling he will spread all his abhorrence not in this world but rather in entire realm by decision as dread which will continue expanding. He will be the foe of religious, great individuals to spread his abhorrence in them. Ganesh is helping to remember all what has occurred with him while gotten life. Haigree is clarifying ganesh about what he used to state like ” all these happens is alright” by making all his shrewd what he wishes like what he finished with you.

Ganesh is in past musings. Haigree is telling ganesh that will be effective in his shrewd intention from over all wrongs and by accomplishing this he will likewise stow away in such a spot where he can’t be found and he will end up being a most grounded leader of murkiness maker by which no light will come in world’s lives and ground-breaking like me, you and all divine beings we will be powerless to battle his malevolent quality which will be now made in entire domain. Presently ganesh is thinking and asking I was doing such enormous mix-up however how might I be able to not get this so haigree telling that this will likewise settled by mata prashakti’s forces itself as she will just fathom this.

Ganesh comprehends this from haigree that might be mata parashakti was attempting to cause me to acknowledge and to request her assistance so please help me in this asks haigree and I will do whatever to end these shades of malice. Haigree is advising ganesh that to this bhandasoor wickedness is having just three assor controls in him at this moment yet he will attempt to accomplish all other three forces from those three shades of malice which you need to stop to move toward becoming him most grounded abhorrence in this domain. So ganesh says I will do this to stop those underhanded forces to enter in him by my everything implies and haigree leaves while ganesh imploring him.

Ganesh is feeling bothered by chatting with prabhu haigree as exceptionally enormous error occurred by him however without sitting around idly I need to look through those three shades of malice and end them. Ganesh is going towards bhandasoor however kartik comes running calling him as to come quick since all divine beings need you as a major issue has gone ahead them because of someone has stolen their significant incredible gems and likewise removed other ground-breaking things with him. One wickedness is under his dim cavern cheerfully giggling saying I have accomplished this gem and will be careful here just at this point.

Kartik is asking who it must be and how to discover him who has stolen and ganesh seeing signs of steps he is reminding something and comprehends and tells kartik that he is one of those three disasters who has stolen. Ganesh is clarifying kartik of those shades of malice. The narrow minded asoor is speaking inside him about the abhorrent power which will be made by the assistance of this gem and make bhandasoor more grounded by this power. Ganesh comprehends and tells kartik that he is childish asoor who has done this and kartik is stating in the event that it is utilized by him evilly, at that point wrong will occur in this world so need to look earnestly those gems and spot back to its unique spot yet ganesh is advising kartik of where to discover him presently don’t have a clue however where to call him should be possible as the spot will be kuberji’s raj bhavan.

Ganesh and kartik has arrived at kuberji’s raj bhavan and he supplicates ganeshji and kartik. Kuber is asking ganesh why you here so ganesh is advising kuber to toss open every one of his entryways of riches. Kuber is thinking and inquiring as to whether I heard wrong yet ganesh is advising kuber that I need to seize egotistical asoor. Kuber is thinking and ganesh is asking kuber as you are now mindful so informs kuber concerning that malicious. However, kuber is telling ganesh that by opening the entryways riches will fall in a difficult situation so ganesh answers it is at any rate in a difficult situation itself now too as any hoodlum takes a straightforward gem then he will come

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