Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode begins with dashanand Ravan saying mahadev give me a guarantee you will satisfy my desire. Mahadev says I guarantee you ravana, I will satisfy your desire as you are my param bhakt. Mahadev says what do you need ? ravana says mahadev, all of a sudden ravana takes a gander at mata parvati and he sees her gigantic magnificence and divya tej, Ravana says such tremendous excellence, you are the most excellent lady known to mankind. Mahadev says what do you need ravana? Request it. dashanand says mahadev, as a help from you I need her. Mahadev and parvati are stunned. Parvati says what? Ravana says you can’t deny now, you guaranteed me mahadev. Ravana says I need to take mata parvati to lanka with me. mahadev is stunned, however he is constrained and he says OK dashanand as you wish.

Ganesh says how could father let you go? for what reason did he consent to this desire? Parvati says children, mahadev was tragic as well however for him his followers precede everything and mahadev realized that he and I are one! We are one type of ardh nareshwar, so nothing could isolate us. Parvati says ravana neglected to comprehend that I am mata adishakti, thus I am his mom as well and the mother of all universe.

Ravana there says devi, accompany me now in my pushpak viman to lanka. Parvati runs with ravana miserable, she goes to his flying chariot pushpak viman. Ravana says devi, come in my chariot. parvati says I needed to secure myself now in light of the fact that mahadev had carried out his responsibility by satisfying his dharma towards his pupil. Parvati says to dashanand, no ravana I can’t come on this pushpak viman! I wish to stroll to lanka from the west bearing with the goal that I can see the excellence of nature. Ravana says OK devi, as you wish. Ravana sends his pushpak viman and he strolls with parvati. Out of this world a lovely timberland. Parvati takes a gander at a frog and figures this evil presence completed a transgression as he suspected of excellence and requested his desire, I will show him a thing or two and furthermore spare myself. Parvati utilizes her capacity on the frog and it is transformed into a delightful lady who begins playing veena and appealing to mahadev. Ravana hears the supplication and says who is singing so wonderful to my prabhu mahadev? Ravana swings back to see however parvati says we ought to go now, you can call pushpak viman as well with the goal that we reach rapidly to lanka. Ravana supposes why this difference at the top of the priority list? There must be some mystery behind it.

Ravana strolls towards the lovely voice of the lady. Ravana sees the lady and he says who are you? so excellent, singing a supplication to my prabhu with her sweet voice, who are you woman? Parvati says what difference does it make? She isn’t parvati, I am and you needed to take me to lanka. Ravana supposes for what reason did she say before the woman revealed to her name? possibly she isn’t parvati, she arranged this all and this excellent lady is parvati on the grounds that nobody has such excellence as parvati has. Ravana says who are you? the lady says my name is Mandodari. Ravana says mahadev has conned with me, that is the reason he given you a chance to accompany me so effectively yet I will take mandodari with me since she is the genuine devi parvati. Ravana says devi mandodari, I request that you accompany me to lanka and wed me, you will be the ruler of lanka close by. Mandodari says I take a gander at you a similar way you take a gander at me, I will acknowledge you and wed you. parvati says what will I do at that point? Mahadev offered me to you as a help. Ravana says no, he tricked with me and you are not parvati but rather she is, so return to prabhu. Ravana runs with mandodari. Parvati says ravana, you will bite the dust in light of this in this life, you will be slaughtered due to your fixation on excellence and your whole vansh will be devastated.

Ravana comes to lanka with mandodari and says see mata whom I carried with me. ravana’s mom comes and says my swami, my mahadev has come. She at that point sees ravana wedded with a lady and says where is mahadev? Who is she? Ravana says she is something better, she is devi parvati. Mother falls at her legs and says mata parvati, trilok swamini I do pranam. mandodari says no, I am not parvati or trilok swamini, I am only a typical lady. Ravana says what? Try not to lie. Mandodari says no I am not lying, I am the little girl of mayasura and was reviled to be a frog, however mata parvati liberated from the revile today and afterward you wedded me. mother says you are a trick ravana, who will say you are so proficient and the ace of such a large number of forces and spiritualist expressions and weapons. Ravana gets irate and says I will go now and bring mahadev this time else I wont return here.

Parvati says so now ravana has come back again to take mahadev. Ravana comes and begins lifting the whole Kailash, he says mahadev today I will take you with me to Kailash and I wont be tricked this time. Kartikeya says mother, this evil presence must be halted and I will proceed to stop him. parvati says no kartikeya, ravana is a follower of mahadev and we can’t come in the middle of and god and his pupil. Mahadev will himself show ravana a thing or two. Kailash tremors as ravana attempts to lift Kailash. Laxmi says this shrewd devil is attempting to lift Kailash. Saraswati says in the event that he prevails with regards to lifting Kailash and taking to lanka, he will end up triumphant and undying, even ruler vishnu’s Ram symbol wont most likely do anything and his motivation will be a fall flat.

Ravana endeavors to lift Kailash and the ground breaks, he says har mahadev. Ravana lifts Kailash and says I have succeeded, I will take Kailash to lanka. A rock falls on lanka and Kailash is back on ground. Ravana attempts again as mahadev is as yet ruminating. As ravana takes a stab at lifting Kailash, mahadev opens his eyes in annoyance. Mahadev gets gigantically irate.

Precap Upcoming Vighnaharta Ganesh Episode Update: mahadev says dashanand, ask anything you desire from me. ravana says I need your aatma ling prabhu. Mahadev says OK, I will give you my aatma ling. Ganesh says if ravana takes the aatma ling of mahadev, there will be a colossal issue. Adishakti takes her structure and says ravana doesn’t realize I can devastate him as he has crossed all breaking points of a pupil.


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