Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kuber is inducing the underhandedness by his forces as he comes to take the riches and ganesh is stating he will be gotten. The malice is strolling towards the riches cheerfully however not realizing that ganesh is arranging here to get him. Ganesh is advising kuber not to stress as kuber is in doubts of losing riches if any mix-up occurs. Ganesh advises kartik to be alert. Ganesh and all are holing up behind trees and is thinking where the abhorrence is as we as a whole are prepared to get him. Kartik and kuber are advising ganesh to think quick as the malevolence is as yet not come and the dusk is nearing. Around evening time how we will defend the riches and catch the malevolence says kuber. Ganesh and kartik are persuading kuber to not to stress and we will sit tight for him. Meanwhile they are hearing the voice and hole up behind the trees thinking the malice has come.

Ganesh comprehends the voice of narrow minded abhorrence and ganesh and kartik are thinking what kuber is doing as his body is seen taking cover behind the trees and in the event that the malicious sees this, at that point he will flee. Ganesh completes a stunt and makes a stone move towards kuber to make him cover up appropriately. The underhandedness is seeing here and there and moving to take the riches joyfully however all around quietly while figuring no one ought to comprehend he is moving. He is extremely glad to get riches and talking inside him excitingly. His is moving towards the riches.

Ganesh is cautioning kuber not to move anyplace as we will get this abhorrence at any rate and gradually ganesh and kartik are originating from their shrouded spot to attempt catch hold the wickedness. The malevolence is talking in an exceptionally upbeat state of mind figuring now he will get the riches. He hops to see the riches and kuber is seeing this and snickering believing that this malevolence is such a trick, that in so much little pot in his grasp how he will take this riches yet the malice while tossing his forces to draw in the well off things entering his pot by his forces and kuber is winding up exceptionally uneasy of losing all the riches in the event that he pulls every single such thing by his forces. Ganesh and kartik are seeing this and kartik is holding his bow and bolt to hit him and kuber is winding up more and increasingly uneasy towards the riches and advises ganesh to accomplish something very soon or will lose all the riches. The fiendishness is hearing the voice and goes back to see ganesh, kuber and kartik as he comprehends that they have come here to get me and he changes his structure into skeleton. Ganesh is attempting to get him by his forces however not progressing in the direction of the malevolence so ganesh is in a tough situation supposing my forces are not working for him to get why?

Precap: The wickedness is chatting with ganesh in the castle that we will share this riches thus you need to leave me free.


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