Viju Khote died aka 'Kalia' One Dialogue Which Made Him Popular Film Sholay

Actor Viju Khote, who played populism in the house by playing the role of Kalia in the iconic film Sholay, has died in Mumbai. He was ill for a long time. Viju Khote got about 7 minutes of screen space in the film. His look in the movie was strong. He was seen in black kurta, black long mustache and black dark eyebrows in the film.

There were many scenes in the film Sholay of Viju Khote . In a scene when Gabbar asks them what will happen to you, Kalia? So Kalia is frightened, fearfully says – Sardar I have eaten your salt. Then Gabbar says – Now eat the pill. Gabbar shoots a bullet on Kalia’s forehead but that bullet does not work. Gabbar says- All three survived. Kaliya starts laughing in all the scenes. Then suddenly Gabbar shoots all three. With this, the role of Kalia i.e. Vitu Khote also ends.

See that famous dialogue of Viju Khote

Viju Khote has also worked in many films apart from Sholay . But no other role or film could give him that identity. The reactions of fans and Bollywood celebs are coming on the death of Viju Khote. There is a wave of mourning in the film industry. Viju Khote’s family is also from the film world. He was the nephew of actress Durga Khote. Viju Khote’s sister Shubha Khote is also from Bollywood-TV. Shubha Khote’s daughter Bhavna Valsavar is also active in the TV world.

Which was the last film of Viju Khote?

Viju Khote worked in many Marathi and Hindi films. Viju Khote’s last film was Jaane Kyun De Yaaro, which was released in the year 2018. Viju had worked in nearly 300 films of Hindi and Marathi cinema.


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