Vikas Dubey killed in an encounter bollywood actress spoke- He says Bollywood stories away from reality

Vikas Dubey Encounter, who killed 8 policemen in Kanpur, was killed in an encounter with the police. Reactions have also started coming from Bollywood about this matter. Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu has tweeted about Vikas Dubey’s encounter, in which he wrote that we did not expect this at all. Let me tell you that the train of STF convoy bringing Vikas Dubey to Kanpur fell victim to the accident this morning. This accident took place near Kanpur. According to the police, Vikas was trying to escape by snatching the police gun after the accident. Meanwhile, the police killed the notorious criminal.

Taapsee Pannu tweeted about Vikas Dubey’s encounter and wrote, “Wow, we didn’t expect this at all. And then they say that our Bollywood stories are far from reality . ” Let us know that apart from Taapsee Pannu, Vikas Dubey encounter has also been tweeted by Bollywood director Onir and actor Prakash Raj, which is becoming very viral. At the same time, Taapsee Pannu is well known for her films as well as her outspoken thoughts. She often expresses her views on contemporary issues.

Vikas was arrested when he arrived in Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh to visit Mahakal. He was arrested by the Madhya Pradesh Police after being identified by the guard. The Madhya Pradesh Police handed him over to the Uttar Pradesh Police last night. The vehicle running at the forefront of Vikas Dubey hit the stopper of the toll plaza of Guna. After the collision, the other trains running in the rear convoy applied fast brakes and all the vehicles started becoming unbalanced. In such a situation, Vikas Dubey tried to run away, on which a policeman killed him.


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