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The Episode starts with Vikram telling Pingla that he don’t want to insult her and desires to alert her. He says you shall now not do that again, else I should take strict motion towards you. Pingla says people do mistake. Bharmal apologizes to him on her behalf. Pingla says i am apologizing then why you’re, she tells that she will be able to not do any mistake in future. She thinks Vikram insulted her in court docket and she or he will take revenge for this, and tells Bharmal that real inheritor is him and asks him to value it and behave therefore. Bharmal is disenchanted and tells that his lifestyles is waste with out his Naintara and is going to look her. Betaal thinks if Pingla knew that Naintara become prt or if she fooled her. He thinks who is guilty. He blows air on her. Pingla thinks the windows are closed then from the wind got here. She shouts saying there is a ghost within the Palace. Betaal thinks she got scared, so Naintara ought to have fooled her. Betaal sees a golden ray falling down and sees golden putli on Vikram’s singhasan. He thinks to tell Vikram.

Bhadrakaal thinks what is this maya, and that is Maha maya. Maha Maya seems infront of him. Bhadrakaal says Maha Maya, you’re welcome and asks why did you return to provide darshan to me. Maha Maya asks him no longer to fool her along with his butterly talks. Bhadrakaal asks why did you preserve this crow? Maha Maya says this changed into your Sevak and says I came to remind you that your neck could be in my hand subsequent time. She asks him to say how they’ll get mukti. Bhadrakaal tells that Vikram ruined his plan and killed Naintara. Maha Maya fumes in anger and tells that she will be able to kill Vikram. Bhadrakaal asks her to loosen up and says i’m with you. He sees fire on her head and asks her to unfastened the crow, says it’ll tell me about Vikram’s plan. He says Vikram will do some thing then i will attack him. Maha Maya leaves crow and it flies away. Bhadrakaal asks crow to head and do the work. He says karkhand is an important part of my making plans. Maha Maya chill out and says until your spy crow returns, i can wait here. Bhadrakaal says ok.

Vikram is on his bed and laughs asking him no longer to tickle him. Padmini comes and asks what befell? Vikram says he turned into dreaming. Crow comes and sits on the wall. Betaal symptoms Vikram to come. Vikram acts and tells her that he’s having headache. She says she will be able to rub down his head. Vikram asks her to visit Vatika and says i’m able to come there. Padmini says i can await you. Acharya ji comes there. Padmini is going. Vikram asks Betaal why did he come here? Betaal says Naintara became a putli and sat on your singhasan. Vikram says I recognize. Acharya ji says it means whatever is written for your kundali is proved proper and says separately will sit down for your singhasan. Betaal says 32 putlis is of Bhadrakaal and in the event that they got here to you, meaning he is alive. Vikram says yes and asks him to visit hell and notice if he’s there. Acharya ji says this may be proper. Betaal leaves. Crow hears and flies away to tell Bhadrakaal.

Karkhand involves Bhadrakaal and says Vikram is sending Betaal to hell to enquire if Bhadrakaal’s soul is there or not. Bhadrakaal says how can this take place? Karkhand tells that they’ve visible Naintara’s putli on singhasan. Bhadrakaal tells that his game is getting puzzling and thinks what’s the way. Maha Maya says solution is simple, your dying. Betaal goes to hell and checks for Bhadrakaal. He then sees Bhadrakaal and asks how I came here? The guys inside the hell inform that yamdood introduced you here. Bhadrakaal asks them to inform how he died? He says you human beings don’t realize me and gives his intro. He asks them not to touch him and greet him bending down. Betaal returns lower back to Vikram and says that bhadrakaal’s soul is in hell, i myself have visible. Vikram says there is no question that he’s dead. Maha maya does the magic and brings Bhadrakaal’s soul back in him. Betaal says something became dubious. Vikram says did you see? Betaal says he became asking who killed me and who delivered me right here. Acharya says may be his soul left his body. Betaal says the problem is some thing else.

Precap Upcoming Vikram Betaal Episode Update: Vikram and Betaal came to a place to get information about 32 putlis and get trapped in mrityu agni chakra.


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