Vikram Betaal 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vikram tells the chudails you had stated that you may see through it, but I understand that your lives are on this eye. He says i will smash it and asks them to help him. He tells about Bhadrakaal. They tell that they have nothing to do with him and refuse to assist him. Vikram says i’m able to destroy it. The chudails agree to assist him. Vikram asks them to take him to Mayavi Darpan which has 32 putlis secret.

They take him somewhere and pray asking mayavi darpan to seem. Mayavi darpan seems on the dried tree. Chudail says that is Mayavi darpan. Vikram asks why my reflection isn’t always seen right here. Chudail asks him to bend down his head so that it comes to recognise which you are in his refuge. Vikram bends his head. Crow is coming there.

Chudail says you may ask three questions. Vikram says I need to ask just 1 query about the 32 putlis. Bhadrakaal says Vikram reached Mayavi Darpan and says if he involves understand about putlis’ mystery then…my difficult paintings will pass waste. Kapalika runs in the back of Padmini. Padmini smiles and turns. She turns out to be betaal. Betaal says nobody can harm my buddy Vikram and his circle of relatives. Kapalika asks who is he? Betaal asks didn’t you understand that i’m betaal.

Kapalika attacks him. Betaal says your attacks are waste on me. Betaal says you are vain pret. Kapalika tells that he made all Ujjaini lie on loss of life bed. Betaal asks what did you do? Kapalika asks him to go and spot. She tries to assault him, but he movements away.

Betaal asks Kapalika no longer to think of her enemy as susceptible and asks her to inform on whose orders, she got here there. He makes a circle around her. Kapalika can’t go it. Betaal says this is Pavitra rekha and if you try and move it, you’ll die. Betaal vanishes. Kapalika shouts calling him.

Vikram asks Mayavi darpan to tell him. Betaal comes to Vikram and tells that his Ujjaini is in misery and tells that human beings are death with ache. Vikram is greatly surprised. Bhadrakaal says it’ll be amusing now. Betaal says I tied Kapalika with pavitra rekha and says I don’t recognise until while she may be internal. He tells that Padmini is likewise attacked by way of her. Bhadrakaal says what is going to be the three questions now.

Vikram asks Mayavi Tarpan to show him Ujjaini’s fame. He sees Ujjaini human beings in pain. Bhadrakaal says just 2 questions are left. Vikram prays to God and asks why is he punishing his innocent people. Padmini hears a person calling her for help and is derived to the room where betaal kept Kapalika captive inside the circle. Kapalika sees Padmini there and asks her to come near her whilst hiding herself in the cloth. Padmini comes within the pavitra rekha and lifts her veil. Kapalika pushes her and throws the poisonous black liquid on her. Padmini writhes in ache. Vikram is greatly surprised.

Precap: Vikram asks the darpan about the solution to make his people first-rate. He is about to ask in which he can find the answer, while betaal stops him and says in case you ask third query then how you will recognise 32 putlis truth.


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