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Dev Raj Indra telling the Rishis that Ahilya is only responsible for something happened with her and says he couldn’t have accomplished anything without her consent. Ahilya says you’re making amusing of girl and says i will get you punished that you will no longer try this in your life once more. Dev Indra says i’m no longer responsible, but she will prove me responsible. Rishi says Rishi Gautam saw you doing wrong/Adharm with Ahilya. Dev Indra asks if Rishi Gautam idea for a moment that I did wrong with a pressure. Ahilya says you got here to Ashram in my husband’s avatar and cheated me. Dev Indra asks if she didn’t apprehend or experience the difference among her husband and stranger man. Ahilya says she concept that his conduct turned into extraordinary, but….Dev Indra says you in no way were given love from your husband and don’t need to lose the love that you had been getting. Ahilya asks him to forestall his awful wondering. Ahilya asks Rishis why they’re silent? Rishis says we need to listen to each folk before doing the justice. Ahilya says i am ashamed to call you all Rishis and says you are turning your face from reality. She says you desired me to tell about his doings and says a girl can’t inform anything feeling disgrace and that’s why you desired to ask me. She says i can tell approximately this man’s crime. Dev Indra says my crime isn’t proved and asks her to mind her language. She tells that Dev Indra brought marriage thought for her, but she rejected him and that’s why he did Adharm with her. Dev Indra says she took my gain understanding i love her. Rishi Gautam hears her silently. Ahilya says if I had appreciated him then why could I reject his inspiration.

Dev Indra says she was repenting to reject me and that i noticed invitation in her eyes. He says in case you had no longer loved me then you definitely would have recognised that i am no longer your husband. Rishis ask her to reply if she changed into repenting after marrying Rishi Gautam and that’s why did this. Ahilya asks them to be quiet and says i was wrong to agree with that you’ll do my justice and is enjoying seeing my ache. Rishi says you don’t have any right to mention this. He says if you couldn’t differentiate among her husband and the stranger man then she is guilty. She says injustice have come about with her and they are calling her guilty. Rishis ask Rishi Gautam to do justice. Rishi Gautam says you said that whatever you probably did turn into incorrect and says you have performed incorrect with a married girl and curses him to have pores and skin disease so that he doesn’t try this once more with each person. Dev Indra is shocked. Rishi Gautam says your frame can be destroyed. Dev Indra says you can’t say this. another Rishi asks him to depart else they may smash him. Ahilya tells Rishi Gautam that most effective you may apprehend a female’s heart and do justice. He says justice isn’t always executed fully and says you couldn’t differentiate among love and cheat, husband and stranger and that’s why I’m leaving you and cursing you that your frame turns into stone like your heart. Ahilya is bowled over and says I married you as I saw a human’s coronary heart in you, but nowadays you have proved that even you have got the same heart of the person who wants to maintain female in his control. She says you have grown to be a person and not my husband. She says i can now not end up a stone and will combat towards your curse. She says how you may leave me, i will depart you. Rishi Gautam asks her to leave.

Ahilya says a lady can’t stay right here anymore wherein she became insulted and humiliated. Betaal says just like Dev Indra did adharm with Ahilya and Rishi Gautam punished her for no sins of her. He says she turned into a sturdy and went to her father. Her father stops her and says you are cursed female and can’t come here. She asks in case you assume me wrong. He tells that he has completed her kanyadaan. Her mum says they may be helpless. Maharaj says we are able to combat with society. Ahilya says why did you train me to become Swabhimaani if society comes to a decision the entirety. She asks him to inform if he’s along with her or now not? Maharaj says if he is taking her support, then he may be incorrect along with his humans. Ahilya says nowadays I understood that why there is no appreciate for the lady as her own dad and mom go away her while she is in trouble. She says my husband cursed me to come to be stone and says when it fulfils, my dad and mom will be guilty of it. Maharani asks Maharaj to forestall her. Maharaj says let her pass and says she will be able to go in which her destiny takes her. She walks on the road. humans pelt stones on her and injure her. The men of her Rajya inform that she is cursed and shameless, and says such female shall no longer live. Ahilya’s friend comes there and says Ahilya helped you all, and also you people are forgetting her favours. She says i will take Ahilya with me. She takes Ahilya along with her. Betaal says she noticed society’s avatar which she never thought would be.

Precap:- Ahilya gives beginning to a boy and offers to Raja Janak. Sadanand asks Janak about his mum. He tells about Ahilya. Sadanand comes to Ahilya who is in a bad nation and asks her to come with him. a few guys stop him


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