Vikram Betaal 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

The Episode starts with Raja Janak telling Sadanand that Ahilya is harmless, however had to live stone life. Sadanand asks him to make the humans realise their mistake. Raja Janak tells that their people can’t conform to his beliefs. Sadanand asks then whom they’ll pay attention to. Raja Janak tells about Shri Ram, who human beings worships. Sadanand says handiest Maryada puroshottam Ram can deliver mukti to my mom. He starts offevolved searching him and sooner or later he determined him. Sadanand sees Shri Ram speakme to the jungle human beings. He thinks handiest he can get mukti for my mother. He involves him and asks him to make his mum first-class. He asks him to simply accept his mother and make her betterment. Betaal says Shri Ram entered Devi Ahilya’s region and sees her becoming completely stone. He maintains his hand on her head and she becomes human. He appears

infront of her in God Avatar. Rishi Gautam, Ahilya’s parents and the people stand outdoor the hut hearing Ram came. Ahilya folds her hand and asks Shri Ram to take her with him. Ram comes in human shape and says each person has to recognise their mistake. He asks her to pop out with him.
A female asks Shri Ram, what wrong did he do and says this woman is a sinner and responsible. Ram asks why you suspect this? lady says her own husband cursed her to emerge as Pashaan. Shri Ram says Rishi Durvasa cursed many humans, that doesn’t mean that all of them are responsible, but that Rishi Durvasa was irritated. man says if she remains right here then we can bear her punishment and says Dev Inder got the punishment of skin sickness because of her. Shri Ram says ahilya is sacred, innocent and many others and says she has to live her existence as Pashaan for someone else’s crime. girl asks if she isn’t always responsible then who is responsible. Betaal asks Vikram to reply him.

Vikram says Ahilya’s criminal changed into society and says whoever do mistake, but people calls characterless even supposing she is innocent. He says due to society’s wondering, Dev Indra may want to disrespect Ahilya and Rishi Gautam cursed her due to the society, and even her parents left her due to the society. She says humans have become her enemy. Betaal says Shri Ram said the equal to the people that day. humans apologizes to Shri Ram and says they are absorbed in customs. Shri Ram asks them to apologize to Ahilya. The people express regret to her. Rishi Gautam apologizes to her and says I made your existence miserable. Her mother and father also apologizes to her. Ahilya thanks Shri Ram and says I in no way idea you all responsible as I knew which you are following society customs, and asks them not to repeat the same aspect with some other woman. Vikram says you spoke and i’m able to go away. Vikram calls him and asks wherein are you? He holds Betaal’s tail and it continues coming. Betaal asks him to go back if he receives worn-out. Vikram burns his tail. Betaal asks him to set it off and says i’m ready to include you. Betaal says i will tell you today about hanuman.

Precap: Betaal tells tale of Kesari Nandan maruti.


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