Vikram Betaal 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Kalike going to Vikram’s room and applies tilak to is toe. The individual applying Tilak isn’t Kalike, however Bharmal. Bharmal goes to her and says I have done your work. Kalike discusses music. Bharmal says I need to satisfy my Maa’s desire and need Vikram to consider him. Kalike move while Vikram and Padmini are dozing.

Kalike comes in her symbol and takes the red power which turns out from Vikram. She snickers in the wake of getting it and says I have grabbed Vikram’s generosity from him, and says what will happen to Betaal now. In the first part of the day, when Vikram and others are petitioning God. Kalike as Ridambara might suspect she will perceive how Betaal don’t come infront of her. She asks Senapati Virat sen to apply Tilak to Maharaj . Senapati ji takes plate from her hand and is strolling towards Vikram, when Kalike makes Senapati fall on Vikram. Vikram gets irate and calls him absurd. Senapati says he didn’t fall deliberately. Vikram takes his sword and is going to wound Senapati when Padmini stops him holding his hand. She asks what’s going on with you? Vikram requests that her leave his hand. Betaal witnesses everything and is stunned, thinks the end result for Vikram all of a sudden. Kalike thinks this is the begin. Betaal thinks another Putli came here in his life. Betaal sees Vikram’s toe and thinks his Daya bhao is grabbed from him by this red power. He supposes to make Vikram generosity back utilizing his tears and makes it fall on his toe. Vikram comes in his faculties and asks what sword is doing in his grasp and asks Senapati and others, why they are standing like statues. Pingla says why Vikram is responding as though he don’t have the foggiest idea what happened now. Vikram says Puja thaali tumbled down and says don’t stress, God don’t get furious on his bhakts. Padmini considers if Maharaj is unwell. Kalike thinks how his daya bhao returned.

Bhadrakaal reveals to Kalike that Betaal is an unadulterated soul and inquires as to whether his spirit can make Vikram fine then what he could do. He requests that her be sheltered from him. Betaal reveals to Vikram that he has an uncertainty on that jogini. Vikram requests proofs. Betaal says he will bring the verification.

Kalike converses with Bhadrakaal and Maha Maya and tells that Betaal can see just Jogini and not her, and advises that she realizes how to deal with them. Betaal blows Mayavi air and says putli will get scorched and will come infront of him. He blows air on the Dasis. Dasi comes to Ridambara and says this is your nourishment. Ridambara turns as Kalika. Dasi gets stunned and yells. Kalike murders her. Betaal supposes whose voice is this? Kalike makes the Dasi into fiery remains. Bharmal comes there and says would i be able to come inside. He is sorry to her. Maha Maya says I realize you have come here for certain reasons. Bharmal says yes and tells that he will tell everything straight. He says I need to take in music from you. She says you will be my first shishya in Ujjaini, I will influence you to hear a unique raag. She contacts his shoulder and controls him with his forces. She says extraordinary raag will be raag profound. Bharmal says truly? Furthermore, says don’t call me Aap… She says alright. Betaal takes a gander at Jogini’s room. Kalike says I am favoring you that at whatever point you sing, you will lead on everybody’s souls. Bharmal asks truly? She requests that he sing today in the court and says when Maharaj gets awed by you, at that point give this diya to him. Bharmal says today I am certain that you are a decent vocalist and great human, and have God gifts offered on you. he twists down before her and says now I will leave. Betaal says this current Mayavi’s jogini will come infront of everybody. He blows air, yet Kalike don’t come in her symbol. Kalike faculties Betaal’s quality close to her. Betaal says my mayavi vayu isn’t taking a shot at her and considers if her uncertainty isn’t right. Kalike supposes she will be cautious with Betaal.

Precap: A man comes to Vikam and tells that somebody has grabbed his two children. Padmini comes to Vikram and says she brought Prasad. Vikram sees the young men’s head and inquires as to whether she slaughtered them.


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