Vikram Betaal 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Betaal flies to do his tarpan. Vikram attempts to stop him. Bhadrakaal requests that the shrewd forces bring Betaal. Betaal presents the mantras. Vikram asks what do you need that everybody live in Bhadrakaal’s dread after your tarpan. He says no one but you can end Bhadrakaal. Betaal inquires as to whether we can’t end him at that point. Vikram asks Betaal to confide in him. Betaal says alright and comes to him.

Maha maya comes infront of Vikram and says there is a way. She tells that when Bhadrakaal passed on 1100 years back, he kept his body safe and that is the reason he is alive till now. Vikram asks we see his body and asks what’s going on here? Maha Maya says it is his shallow body. Vikram asks where did he kicked the bucket? Maha Maya says she didn’t have even an inkling. Vikram says when Bhadrakaal kicked the bucket, he was taking siddhis of malevolence controls close Narmada stream. Vikram says his body must be there, and says I will look through his body and will incinerate him. Maha Maya asks Betaal to accompany her and says you are dangerous here. A red chunk of flame comes there. Bhadrakaal shows up from inside and discloses to Betaal that he came to take him. Maha Maya says you can’t take him. Bhadrakaal requests that he attempt and says I have 32 putlis forces.

Vikram comes to Narmada and figures where did Bhadrakaal conceal his unique body. He supposes it is covered up since 1100 years and I need to seek Bhadrakaal with his music. Bhadrakaal is pulling Betaal towards him and requests that Maha Maya stop him. Maha Maya tosses fire ball on him. Bhadrakaal tosses it back and tells that she is simply Maha and Maya is gone from her name, and tells that she has turned out to be little infront of him. She assaults him, yet nothing transpires. He says your great forces can’t battle with your malicious forces. She attempts to prevent Bhadrakaal from taking Betaal, yet Betaal is removed by Bhadrakaal. Maha Maya yells. Bhadrakaal says no one can spare you from me and requests that he draw close to him. He takes Betaal with him. Maha Maya thinks theey need to accomplish something. Vikram shuts his eyes and faculties the insidious forces. He sees Bhadrakaal’s body covered up there in wood logs and thinks to incinerate him soon.

Bhadrakaal discloses to Betaal that he will wind up interminable. Betaal says when Ravan couldn’t end up unfading then who are you? Bhadrakaal says I am the future and will be future. He assaults Betaal to get his Aatma Tatva and says I will again get the Panch Tatva and after that I will end up being the most dominant… Sarwashaktimaan. Vikram says today you will realize that human isn’t more than fiery remains and consumes his dead body. The dead body vanishes. Vikram thinks how is this conceivable. Maha Maya comes to him and tells that Bhadrakaal is taking Betaal’s Aatma Tatva and taken his body from here. Vikram says I won’t let this occur.

Precap: Bhadrakaal discloses to Vikram that he has no fearlessness or capacity to stop him. Vikram says he is Chakravartin Vikram Aditya and hops in the fiendishness havan flame to set it off. Bhadrakaal and Betaal are stunned.


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