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The Episode begins with Bhadrakaal telling Betaal that he’ll make his global alive together with his Aatma Tatwa and could have his sena and praja. He tells Betaal that he is Kaal as he is Bhadrakaal. Betaal is getting absorbed in the havan. Bhadrakaal says I need to make my human beings alive. He attacks Betaal. Betaal is ready to lose his Aatma Tatwa whilst Vikram comes there and asks bhadrakaal to prevent, says you will never be successful to do what you desired. Bhadrakaal says you haven’t any power or power. Vikram says he is chakravartin Vikram Aditya and jumps in the hearth to give his Ahuti. Bhadrakaal says you may’t stop my Yagya by using giving your Ahuti. Vikram goes deep within the havan kund and sees the evil fireplace popping out from the idols. He thinks he has to spark off the fireplace to shop Betaal and thinks to get all agni in himself. He sits to get it. Betaal tells Bhadrakaal that Vikram turns into his Kaal. Bhadrakaal says i can damage Vikram like destroying the small piece. He enters the hearth as the evil power/black smoke. Vikram is soaking up the fire in him.

Bhadrakaal laughs and says’ve got finished my double gain, i can get even your Aatma Tatwa with Betaal’s Aatma Tatwa and says this Agni will burn till they’re alive. Maha Maya comes to Padmini and tells that Bhadrakaal put Vikram and Betaal in Kaal Agni and says that fireplace can be relax with Maha Kaal’s bhasm. Padmini says Maha Kaal has to listen to a spouse. She is going to Maha dev’s temple and tells that today her husband’s lifestyles is in risk, and asks him to chill out kaal agni. She recites the mantras. Bhadrakaal says this global will remember you for you as you are giving your existence for dead man. A light comes out from Mahadev’s temple. Bhadrakaal says you may neither store Betaal nor your self. simply then Mahakaal’s bhasm comes and units off the fireplace in Vikram. Bhadrakaal thinks how can this show up. Vikram gets up and says individuals who get burnt in Agni kund will become a yoddha and will become your Kaal.

Betaal comes there and asks what you’ll do now, and says the fireplace in which you want to burn me is off. Bhadrakaal says i’m nonetheless the owner of 5 Tatwa and says Vikram and betaal will die together. He tries to assault Vikram along with his weapon, but it is powerless. Bhadrakaal says this is possible when someone burns my body. Vikram says i have burnt your 1100 years body. Betaal asks Bhadrakaal to run and says Vikram will not go away you. Bhadrakaal runs. Betaal asks Vikram now not to leave him. Bhadrakaal runs. Betaal comes infront of him and says you’re Maha Kaal. Bhadrakaal says i am your friend. Betaal says you’ve got done enmity with me and assaults him with his powers. Bhadrakaal says an excellent pal forgive different pal. Betaal says you’ll get risk to repent and do penance after dying. Bhadrakaal says i can do penance in life. Betaal says i have carried out preparations for you and assaults him. Bhadrakaal falls on Vikram. He says I had saved your existence. Vikram asks him to move. Bhadrakaal assaults him. Vikram gets his weapon. Bhadrakaal runs. Vikram thinks i will’t permit Adharmi move and throws weapon on him.

Bhadrakaal gets beheaded and dies. Vikram tells Betaal that evil continually ends. Betaal tells Vikram that atlast you’ve got ended bhadrakaal with my assist. Vikram says how and what form of assist? Betaal says you have got gyan due to the stories which I informed you, else you wouldn’t have killed him. Vikram thanks him to make him satisfied. The putlis come infront of him and praises him for saving the arena. Maha Maya says you didn’t care for your lifestyles and did international’s betterment. Vikram says I could do this with all your help. Maha Maya says we got our mukti because of you, and that’s why we need to provide you singhasan battisi as a gift. She indicates him singhasan battisi and says all of us 32 putlis may be at the singhasan and it’ll have our gyan, bhav, and you may deliver the right justice because of our proper path. They ask him to accept Singhasan Battisi. Vikram thanks them for giving Divya Singhasan. all of the 32 putlis take their places inside the singhasan. Betaal says if I wouldn’t have been there, then you definitely wouldn’t have were given this singhasan battisi. Vikram asks him to come back.

In Palace, Betaal asks Vikram to take a seat on the singhasan battisi. Padmini asks him to come. Betaal says only king such as you who have 32 features/bhav can sit on it. Vikram sits at the Singhasan. Betaal says when I met you first, I notion to make you nyay priya raja, now my purpose is fulfilled and asks him to present him permission to go. Vikram comes down and holds his hand. He says friend, I learnt from you that a large conflict becomes clean if friend like you are with me. Padmini asks Betaal to live with them and do the humans’s betterment. Betaal is teary eyes and says I don’t need to depart this world, but my purpose is fulfilled, Bhadrakaal is lifeless and my pal Vikram is seated on Singhasan battisi. My purpose is fulfilled, I must go. he is flying and leaving. Vikram walks toward him and thinks i can’t prevent you, but you’ll be in my heart and your gyan will usually guide me always. He gets teary eyed.

Voiceover tells that Vikram killed Bhadrakaal with Betaal’s assist and the story ends right here. He says due to Vikram’s features, he were given Singhasan battisi and he did the right justice. He says after Vikram’s death, no person got the singhasan, but after 11 years Raja Bhoj were given the singhasan, but he couldn’t follow Putlis’ guidelines and lost it, and singhasan batti vanished for for all time. This turned into all Vikram betaal’s story.

The show ended.


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