Vikram Betaal 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Betaal says if that is a funny story, he learnt song in a day. Bharmal greets Vikram and every person gift there and says I want to give my expertise infront of all. He plays track and sings raag deep…anyone receives mesmerized by using his devotion for music. Vikram says it’s miles extremely good. Betaal is likewise amazed. Vikram says he’s singing in sur..Pingla gets satisfied and smiles. Betaal thinks sur is actual suitable, however the lamp can’t seize the hearth. Padmini thinks lamps aren’t lit up. Pingla also appears on the lamps and is satisfied. Bharmal continues to sing. Betaal says in which did he disguise such expertise?

Ridambara lit the lamps with her magic sudden anybody. Vikram praises Bharmal and ridambara. Ridambara says Bharmal shall be awarded a present. Vikram asks Bharmal what do he want? Bharmal says I want you to accept this divya Deepak. Vikram says he is actually happy with him for the primary time. Vikram takes the divya Deepak’s flame. some energy comes out of Padmini. Vikram thinks what came about to me all of sudden. Betaal additionally thinks what passed off? Ridambara says Vikram’s daya bhao got here out to me. Betaal doubts on Ridambara again and thinks why i will’t show something. He thinks to discover.

Ridambara is dancing and is set to consume Vikram’s Daya bhao. Maha Maya stops her and says it’s miles a foolishness to get it in herself. He says we are able to make Betaal do something for this Vikram’s Daya bhao and we can get a heavy fee for this. Bhadrakaal says this is proper. Kalike says i will see who saves Betaal from me. bhadrakaal says how you may pressure Betaal to come infront of her. She says she will be able to entice him and made him helpless to come infront of her and shouts. Padmini is going somewhere. Betaal comes infront of her and says your husband don’t have time to come with you. He says i’m your jeth and i shall cope with you.

He gives her candy fruits and says that is Prasad. Padmini is about to open it. Betaal asks her to hold it as a sacred vicinity and open it, and feature it. He is going. Ridambara is singing and controlling Vikram along with her music. Vikram says wah….A sainik comes there and says a person is pleading to meet you. Vikram calls him dusht and scolds him for demanding him. Sainik says some enterprise man came to satisfy you. Vikram says i can kill you. commercial enterprise man comes there and tells that someone abducted his twin sons. Padmini comes there protecting the bag given by way of betaal. Vikram asks Senapati and others to go looking his sons, and says i’m able to punish that perpetrator. Ridambara smiles.

Vikram asks her to sit. Padmini comes there and tells that this is the Prasad of the temple and asks him to have it first. She opens the bag and reveals the pinnacle of the boys. They get bowled over. Vikram says it seems these are the identical boys head and asks if she kidnapped and killed them. Padmini asks do you suspect that i can kill harmless a person. Vikram says you can, and says you may have performed tantra or getting to know from Aghori. Ridambara smiles and waits for betaal to come. She thinks come and shop your bahu betaal else Vikram would possibly do some thing in anger. Padmini says do what you are saying and thinks it won’t be true to take Betaal’s name. She says a person is trapping me, i’m innocent. Vikram says you aren’t innocent and asks why did you try this, for ujjaini’s singhasan. Padmini says how lots you’ll insult me? She says i’m able to’t live right here with your hatred and asks him to snatch Maharani’s mukut and send her off from ujjaini. She says she can move some distance away from here. Vikram says not so smooth and says i will punish you so hard that humans will deliver example. He broadcasts that he’ll behead her earlier than sundown. Kalike thinks my plan is successful, now Betaal has to come back to store her.

Precap: Vikram says i am giving demise sentence to Padmini. Padmini lie down while the person is about to beheads her.


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