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Pawan Dev coming to Maruti and thinks why he isn’t always beginning his eyes. He asks him to see and says your father is right infront of you. Narad comes there. Pawan Dev asks him to peer Maruti. Narad tells that Maruti become unconscious after getting Indra Dev’s Wajra shakti. Pawan Dev asks what wrong did Maruti do? Narad says Maruti attacked on his ego and says simplest Indra Dev could make Maruti quality, if he’s taking his Wajra Shakti again then maruti might be nice. Pawan Dev says i’m able to speak to indra dev and he has to take the Wajra shakti back. Narad says there may be no destroyable energy in this international than ego, and that i don’t Indra Dev will agree as Maruti harm his ego.

Devi Anjani tells Kesari Nandan that Maruti is lacking and didn’t have meals for the reason that 2 days. Kesari Nandan says he has sent sainiks to look him. Sainiks inform that he isn’t always found. Anjani gets involved. Kesari Nandan asks her no longer to worry. Anjani says I realize you have Mahadev’s powers and that’s why my duties will increase more in the direction of you. She asks in which are you, return to your mum.

Betaal tells Vikram that Devi Anjani become strict with Maruti deliberately so that he don’t use his strength wrongly. He reminds of his question and says he became cursed to neglect all his Divya Shakti, but then additionally he have become Chiranjeevi Sankat mochan hanuman.

Pawan Dev says if Dev Indra’s ego is expensive to him you then are dear to me and that’s why i have determined to take all the vayu/air from this world. Mahadev, Brahmadev and different devs appearance on. Pawan Dev takes away all of the wind, people discover trouble to breath after which they al faint. Kesari Nandan and Anjani grow to be breathless too. She issues for maruti even in that situation and faints. Pawan Dev absorbs all air/wind. Devs tell Indra Dev that param pita brahma dev can solve this hassle. The humans turns into breathless and faints. Pawan Dev says simplest this region in which he’s status have the air and says i’m able to see how Dev Indra doesn’t trade his deciusion. Dev Raj indra seem before Brahmadev and inform that all the people are breathless, birds and flora are about to die. Brahmadev asks Dev indra to take the Wajra ghaat again. Dev indra says he’s helpless.

Brahmadev says if you don’t take Wajra ghaat back then Pawan Dev will now not deliver wind. Pawan Dev says if my son can’t be alive, then even world can’t. Brahma dev appears infront of him. Pawan Dev says he’ll give the wind again to the world if Dev Indra makes maruti first-class and express regret to him. Brahma dev says Dev Indra realized his mistake, and tells that Maruti is Maahdev’s 12th avatar and that’s why nothing will occur to him. He makes maruti fine with his powers. Pawan Dev gets satisfied and calls him son. Maruti seems on the devs and says I never noticed such a lot of devs before and asks in the event that they have any crucial work with me. Brahma dev says all of us have come to bless you. Maruti folds his hand and says however Indra Dev…Indra Dev tells that he is sad about attacking him due to his ego and says i’m supplying you with my Shakti as a penance. Maruti receives satisfied. Brahmadev says all of us have blessed you and names him hanuman. Maruti likes his new name.

Brahma Dev asks Pawan Dev to offer again air and wind to the earth again. Pawan Dev releases the wind from his mouth. anyone receives their breath and becomes active. Pawan Dev tells Maruti that the shaktis which the Devs has given him, will be used for the Dharma and asks him no longer to misuse it. Maruti says i will recollect it continually. Pawan Dev goes. Maruti returns to Anjani. Anjani tells that she changed into worried approximately him. Maruti says i was very hungry. Anjani asks where did you pass? Maruti tells that he become now not on earth and went to sky to devour the surya phal. Kesari nandan and Anjani get stunned. Maruti tells that he is telling truth. Betaal says he became mischievous and reached Rishi Angira’s Ashram. He asks his friends to come back and relieve Rishis off their troubles. He comes close to Rishi Angira and touches him. Rishi Angiri flies in air. He asks other Rishi to face on each foot. He makes Rishi fall off the ground. Rishi Angiri receives indignant and asks who are you? Maruti introduces him.

Rishi Angiri curses him to overlook all divine powers which he have. Betaal says whilst he were given the cursed then how he became Chiranjeevi, Sankat mochan hanuman. He says Kesari Nandan went to Rishi Angira’s Ashram and apologized to him. Rishi Angiri says Maruti shall make an apology to him. Kesari nandan says he didn’t know his mistake and didn’t imply to disturb your prayers.

Precap: Hanuman to guard Asht Shaktis from Meghnath.


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