Vikram Betaal 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vikram says Maharani is getting punished there and right here you are gambling tanpura..He asks him to seem infront of him. Betaal says how can this be impossible and says i am infront of you. He appears infront of him. Vikram looks at him. Betaal says he performed tanpura to capture putli and says she received’t be stored for long. Vikram says you’ll now not be saved now. He holds her neck and becomes jogini. Betaal is greatly surprised. Kalike says you tried to entice me, but I stuck you. He says this changed into my plan to seize you, and says you turned into trapped in my jaal. She laughs.

Ridambara asks him to accept that his sport is over and strangulates him. She says at one facet, Padmini will be killed and at the opposite Bhadrakaal will provide your ahuti. She attacks Betaal and makes him small. She takes him on her lap and locks him within the tanpura. Betaal thinks how I got here on this clever putli’s entice, how to save Padmini. people of Ujjaini tell that Maharani Padmini can’t try this. Acharya ji says such inauspicious moment got here in Ujjaini. Senapati says even i can’t accept as true with this. Acharya ji and Senapati ask Vikram to exchange his decision. Vikram says whoever has objection with my decision can depart ujjaini. Padmini is brought for the punishment. the man whose kids were murdered comes there and tells that he may be very heartbroken and unhappy, however he can’t consider that Maharani can’t kill his sons. He says she isn’t always most effective Maharani with her position and Maharani along with her person and conduct. He asks him to go away Maharani and offers her lifestyles. Kalike brings tanpura to Bhadrakaal. Bhadrakaal looks via the hollow and tells betaal that he is asking helpless. He says Padmini and him, both will meet their ends. He laughs…..

Betaal says your foolishness didn’t cease and asks do you watched you can caged me here. He tries to escape, but fails. Bhadrakaal says you could’t flee this time as this is Mayavi rope. He asks Kalike to provide Vikram’s daya bhav/kindness to him. She gives a small bag. Bhadrakaal says we are able to make Betaal do whatever and placed it on the floor. Betaal sees the whole lot and thinks Kalike snatched his kindness and that’s why he reacted this way. Bhadrakaal takes betaal out of tanpura and asks his man to hold eye on them until he makes preparations to sacrifice Betaal’s soul. every person asks Vikram not to kill Padmini.

Vikram says guilty shall be punished even though he’s the regular character or the royal own family, punishment is same for him. Betaal thinks to unfastened Vikram’s daya bhav come what may. Bhadrakaal says you are considering the Daya bhav. Betaal says dharm shakti is some distance more greater than you cruelness. Bhadrakaal says i’m able to go and make arrangements of your give up. Vikram says Ujjaini ‘s Maharani has achieved crime and deserves punishment.

Precap: Vikram asks Soldier to kill her. everyone closes their eyes as she is getting slaughtered.


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