Vikram who played Hanuman was at a height of 30 feet and the cable broke

The Anand Sagar produced-directed serial Ramayan is airing on Dangal channel. In Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, where Hanuman’s character was played by Dara Singh, while in Anand Sagar’s Ramayana, this character was played by Vikram Mastal. The memory of the incident during the shooting of Vikram serial still shines.

Extensive security arrangements are often made on the sets of films and serials, but the accidents still do not stop. Actors often have to take risks when filming action sequences. Recalling a similar story, Vikram Mustal says – “Playing Hanuman was nothing less than a challenge.” Since most of my scenes were aerial (aerial), I was always tied with cables to the harness.

Our shoot used to last a long time. So I always hung around for hours. In addition to balancing myself, I also had to handle my tiara (head gear), which was about 8 kg, and 12 kg of mace. For a sequence I was wearing my costume hanging about 30 feet above the ground. Then an unfortunate accident occurred.

The cable wires of the harness could not withstand the weight of mine and 20 kg of luggage and were severely broken. Fortunately, about 8-10 crew members below caught me in time and saved me from hitting the ground. ” Explain that Anand Sagar’s Ramayana was first aired in 2008.

Audiences are also very fond of the serial. The show is doing well especially in rural areas. The serial ranked in the Top 5 shows in the 23rd week by Bark’s rating. In the Ramayana, Gurmeet Chaudhary played Ram and Debina Banerjee played Sita. During the lockdown, Doordarshan telecasted the Ramayana, which was quite successful. After this, several channels started the re-telecast of the Mythological shows.


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