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Sabrina feels as though a person is hiding in her room. She assessments at the back of the bed but it’s miles empty. Alia runs in the back of the bed as soon as Sabrina goes again. Sabrina comes to a decision to get geared up. Alia watches her observe make-up. She screams in her pain as quickly as she applies compact. She shouts Alia’s name. Alia hides but Sabrina knows it too nicely that she is here. best you can do that! you will conceal from me? Even your God wont be able to save you from me now! She spots her subsequently and walks toward her. Alia adds nutmeg nectar within the talc and throws it on Sabrina. A circle paperwork round her. Sabrina tries to step out of it but it lighting fixtures up as soon as she attempts to escape. I wont spare you alive! Alia tells her she wont be able to step out of this Satvik chakra. you’ll die if you attempt to accomplish that! Sabrina factors out that it can hold her only for a while. Alia says it’s miles enough to save Aditya. Sabrina insists that she wont be able to do some thing now. Aditya is absolutely mine. nothing will paintings on him! Alia is high quality that fact will win over evil. My love will save him. Don’t assume that this chakra is susceptible. i’m going to shop my Aditya and also you wont be able to do whatever. Sabrina replies that she won’t be able to step out of this circle however my tongue can honestly exit without a problem. She circles her tongue round Alia’s throat.

Pundit ji asks Aditya to bring the bride. A girl brings the bride there simply then (her face is protected with a protracted veil). She sits subsequent to Aditya. Aditya says the time which we had been waiting for is right here ultimately. we can be one now till infinity Sabrina. The lady with the lengthy veil is Aditya. Alia thinks we are without a doubt collectively. Vishkanya wont be able to do some thing to you now.

Flashback is shown. Sabrina is not able to damage Alia as she is still keeping the nutmeg. Alia tells her to stay in her limits. you will die in case you try to step out of this chakra. i’m going to marry my Aditya. You wont be capable of do anything. Alia runs from the room. Sabrina screams after her helplessly. Flashback ends.

Pheras start.Sabrina realises that she will ought to sacrifice a person so she will be able to step out of this chakra. She calls out to Ajud loudly.

Alia hopes the wedding is complete before Sabrina comes. She is manner too clever. she will be able to get away every time.

Ajud asks Sabrina what occurred to her. He fails in taking her out of the chakra. I can’t come inner. She tells him she has no time and pulls him in the circle. He cries. Sabrina fixes her face. that is why I say that one ought to do their paintings diligently. I wouldn’t need to kill you in case you had stopped Alia in time! thank you for your sacrifice! Now lower back to hell!

Aditya makes Alia weak mangalsutra. Alia thinks in their beyond moments and promise. Pundit ji explains the significance of vermilion. He asks Aditya to use it on his wife’s forehead. this may be your safety shield from nowadays onwards! He asks Alia to boost her veil. Alia receives tensed.

Sabrina steps out of the room but Maria blocks her manner. where are you off to? Sabrina tries to go however Maria refuses to permit her stop Aditya and Alia’s wedding ceremony till the time she is alive. Sabrina says looks like you don’t love you son. Maria says Jesus will cope with my son and i will take care of you. They get right into a duel. Sabrina pushes her and runs downstairs.

Alia fears getting stuck and closes her eyes. Smoke seems because of Pundit ji’s action. Alia recalls Maria’s words. Aditya fills Alia’s hairline.

Sabrina is proven walking closer to the mandap. Maria is chasing her. Sabrina tells Aditya to prevent as quickly as she enters. Aditya and all and sundry are shocked to look her there. Sabrina says this wedding ceremony can’t happen however Pundit ji shares that it’s far already whole. Aditya throws the garland away. Who did I marry if you are here? Alia eliminates her veil. Maria smiles in comfort.

Alia tells Aditya she risked her lifestyles. we are ultimately collectively for existence. every body here’s a witness to it. Sabrina and Aditya name it a sham. Pundit ji says it came about following all the rituals. We can’t disregard it like that. Sabrina threatens him for his lifestyles. She subsequent asks the visitors to leave. it’s miles our circle of relatives depend. everyone leaves except Sabrina, Aditya, Alia and Maria.

Alia factors at her vermilion. Aditya filled my hairline himself. I promised you that i’m able to save my Aditya from you. I fulfilled my promise! You couldn’t store an everyday individual even after being a Vishkanya. Evil can be sturdy but right wins in the end! Sabrina calls it a dream. it will ruin very quickly. Alia points out that she is a married woman now. You cannot harm me or Aditya. handiest a married lady can fight with a Vishkanya. First i’m able to keep Aditya from you and then you’ll have to go away from our lifestyles for all the time! Sabrina agrees that poison fails in the front of vermilion. Who have been you speaking about saving? Aditya? you’re proper. I cannot do any harm to me as it isn’t required. i have finished it already. he’s a Vishpurush now. he is my Vishaila, my Aditya! look at those eyes carefully. Are these the equal eyes which cherished you?

Aditya turns into a Vishpurush. His huge enamel seem. He holds Alia’s throat and lifts her excessive in air. Sabrina smirks.

Precap: Rudra Ma is trapped in a spider’s net whilst Sabrina kills / hurts Maria badly. Rudra Ma tells Alia to stand Sabrina herself now as she is trapped. My powers have become feeble. Sabrina mocks Alia. how are you going to face a Vishkanya yourself now?


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