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Sabrina, Alia and Maria maintain food to trap the crows. Alia says i am hoping we are able to discover the Vishkanya quickly. Sabrina thinks Alia appears to be in a hurry. have to I show her?

Aditya is tlaking to his brother. I wish there has been a manner because of which I ought to take this ache far from you. I realize it must hurt you as you will feel helpless. I understand you need to inform us that it’s far Sabrina but you just can not! Mohit wonders why he is taking any such massive hazard. Aditya tells him that he knows there is a large chance here but i can endure whatever in your sake. He tells him his plan to lure Sabrina.

A woman steps in the Sabrina’s washroom. She steps within the tub and screams in shock. She falls on the ground. Alia and Aditya hear it. Aditya is positive the locket has accomplished its component. we are able to now see who this Vishkanya is.

Maria appears on. Alia and Aditya come to Sabrina’s room. They see the girl on the ground. Her face isn’t seen. Aditya tells Alia that he proved himself as accurate. Sabrina is the Vishkanya. Sabrina asks them what goes on right here. Why you each are accrued right here in my toilet? Aditya seems on the lady mendacity subconscious there. who’s she? Sabrina also pretends to be curious. She turns the female round and spot Katrina. Flashback suggests Maria informing Sabrina about Aditya’s plan (that he had shared with Aditya). Sabrina thank you Maria. Maria says I advised you i’m able to in no way cheat you. i will constantly be dependable with you. Please go away my son. i’m able to do as you assert. Sabrina tells her to have patience. i’m able to depart him. allow’s focus on Katrina. She bathes before eating meals. cut the water connection of her room. advocate her to use my washroom internal. i will do the rest. Sabrina cuts the relationship herself. I wont spare you this time. Flashback ends.
Sabrina tells Alia to attend to Katrina. They take her to her room. Aditya seems at Sabrina perplexed. Why could Katrina deliver me this concept if she was the Vishkanya? Sabrina is certain Aditya wouldn’t doubt her anymore. Alia will trust me as soon as my other plan works.

Alia scolds Aditya for using the locket like this. What if some thing had happened to you? Aditya says I notion it’s far the perfect manner to find out Sabrina’s reality. Alia asks him if he’s upset that his kitty eyes grew to become out to be a Vishkanya. there is some other manner to find the truth.

Katrina wakes up with a headache. How did I come right here? Why don’t I recall some thing? I feel as though i’m absolutely drained! She makes a decision to energise herself with milk. She is unable to locate milk in kitchen. Sabrina and Maria are looking the entirety from outside. wherein is Alia? Maria says i’ve knowledgeable her already.

Aditya tells Alia that he cannot apprehend why Katrina will deliver him an idea to reveal her identification on her personal. Alia insists there is any other manner to discover the truth!

Katrina choices the bowl of milk from which the crows are ingesting milk. I have no different choice now however to drink like this. The cage falls round her just then. Alia asks Aditya to come together with her. we are able to now find out everything.

Sabrina mocks Katrina. You fell in my lure in the end! Katrina says I knew this one already. I also understand how to even it out. you may discover soon. Sabrina replies that there is no time. They see Maria, Aditya and Alia searching at them. Sabrina tells Katrina that it’s miles her turn now. She pretends to be taken aback to understand that her high-quality pal is a Vishkanya. She apologizes to Aditya. I dint recognize that my great friend will be a Vishkanya! Are you chargeable for Mohit’s condition? Aditya steps towards the cage. You touched the locket within the bath and fell unconscious. Do you’ve got to mention something to your defence? Sabrina tells her to just accept that she is a Vishkanya. Mohit says Katrina isn’t Vishkanya. each person is greatly surprised to listen Mohit speak and spot him all hail and healthful. Katrina smiles.

Mohit tells them that they doubt Katrina for no motive. She isn’t a Vishkanya. She isn’t always liable for my situation! Mohit seems at Aditya. it’s miles me, your brother! Aditya hugs his brother in comfort. I can’t believe it. i’m so happy! He hugs him once more. Alia thinks how a affected person together with his condition can get better so speedy. She asks Mohit if she will be able to do his take a look at up. I want to make sure you’re exceptional. Mohit says i am perfectly nice. What else do you desire to check? Sabrina finds it not possible. Aditya asks his brother who is answerable for his circumstance. Sabrina recalls how she had poisoned Mohit. Mohit takes Sabrina’s name. all of us looks at Sabrina. Sabrina thinks to kill them now that her truth is out in the front of all and sundry. I haven’t any desire! Mohit smiles at Sabrina. I fell so madly in love together with her that I fell from the stairs whilst chasing her! this is the reason of my condition. You don’t recognize how tons i love you! He hugs Sabrina. A girl like you can not exist in these days’s world! you are taking so much care of me all the time. Sabrina is confused at his behaviour. Mohit suggests organizing a party. Aditya concurs. Mohit tells Sabrina he desires to spend a while with her. She wonders what he is thinking. They walk away.

Katrina thinks Sabrina will now not get the cursed mark even in her desires. you’ll recognise what it means to cheat a cat!

The lady continues staring at Vishera as he eats. He asks her wherein she receives misplaced. She brings dessert for him. he’s relieved after consuming after so long! once I find my Vishdanda i can educate that Vishkanya a lesson!

Precap: Katrina gives a five day project to Sabrina. She additionally feeds a tumbler of milk to Mohit. Sabrina does something to the car. She orders a snake called Nagina to convey Aditya for her.


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