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Alia asks Sabrina for what reason she dint let them know previously on the off chance that she realized that Katrina is a Vishkanya. Sabrina inquires as to whether anybody had trusted her. You appear to be in so much stun! Alia inquires as to whether she is certain it is valid. Sabrina says you were treating Mohit who recouped so abruptly. Is it true that it isn’t bizarre? Katrina and Aditya’s wedding was fixed out of the blue. The wedding has pre-poned! It isn’t ordinary. Alia says I am as yet confused. It is safe to say that you are certain? Sabrina says I can’t comprehend what Aditya can provide for Katrina. Alia thinks about his reviled imprint. Sabrina discloses to Alia that no one but she can spare Aditya from Katrina. Your affection for him is unadulterated. Alia says what I can do. I comprehend what you have let me know yet we don’t have any verification. Sabrina says Katrina dropped every one of the ceremonies and needs to escape. Vishkanya’s are adversely affected by haldi. They go to their genuine symbol once that occurs. You can test it. Alia chooses to test Katrina and leaves. Maria inquires as to whether Alia concurs. Sabrina answers that she will. Proceed to help Alia on the off chance that you need your child back. Maria goes.

Sabrina was going to crash into Ronnie exactly when he is venturing out of her restroom. They be a tease a bit. She is glad to believe that Vishaila will get a sound heart this time. Mohit and Katrina make sense of her arrangement. They aren’t disturbed by it however. Alia and Maria go to Katrina’s space to do shagun. Katrina frenzies hearing the word haldi. She attempts to overlook it however Alia does not relinquish her. Maria leaves as Alia applies haldi all over. Katrina transforms into her cat symbol right away. Alia chooses to inform Aditya concerning Katrina. She comes up short on there. Katrina chooses to stop Alia before she can tell anybody anything. She pursues Alia in her cat symbol. Alia is staggered to observe her in this way. Katrina attempts to choke Alia however she figures out how to push her away. She comes to the mandap territory where Aditya is however Katrina covers her mouth without a moment to spare. She hauls Alia to a corner with her. Alia pushes her and races to Aditya however she can’t articulate anything. Aditya inquires as to whether she is fine. Katrina and Mohit watch Alia waving her hands powerlessly before Aditya. Katrina has stuffed something in Alia’s throat due to which she can’t talk right now. When she will most likely talk, I will be hitched to Aditya. Aditya advises Alia to take prescription. Alia supposes she doesn’t realize which medication can fix this issue.

Sabrina sees Alia’s condition. Katrina is more brilliant than me. I need to change the manner in which I think/plan. Alia sees the merchants composing on a scratch pad and chooses to record the message for Aditya. He has left for his room. She rushes to illuminate Aditya about it. He doesn’t get it. You can let me know whether you need me to wed you. For what reason don’t you straightforwardly disclose to me that regardless you cherish me? She believes that she loves him. Aditya inquires as to whether she understands that she is decimating 2 lives by wedding Katrina. Alia thinks on the off chance that he doesn’t think it influences her as well. Aditya discloses to Alia she has harmed him a ton this time by saying this. Alia thinks about how to cause him to trust her however he requests that her leave. Sabrina asks Aditya for what good reason he isn’t tuning in to Alia. Aditya advises her to avoid this. I would prefer not to hear anything you need to state. I realized that it was your thought! Alia can’t stoop so low. Sabrina supposes she was certain he wouldn’t trust her so she had come arranged. She puts the chloroform plunged hanky on his nose on account of which he goes out on the bed. Sabrina guarantees Alia he will feel better in some time.

Katrina leaves her room dressed as a lady. Sabrina helps Alia hack the cotton ball out of her throat. Alia expresses gratitude toward Sabrina. Sabrina advises her to stop Katrina. We should take Aditya to the mandap. Katrina too would be en route. Sabrina and Alia take Aditya to the mandap. Mohit inquires as to whether his sibling isn’t looking incredible. Sabrina says he would as I helped him prepare. Katrina perks up. She wasn’t content with my wedding till now. How could she have a difference in heart all of a sudden? Savant ji asks the lady of the hour and man of the hour to do each other’s tilak. Katrina’s eyes broaden in stun when she lifts Aditya’s sehra. Sabrina shrouds her grin.

Precap: Aghori has caught Katrina who yells that she isn’t a Vishkanya however a cat. Genuine Vishkanya is Sabrina! Alia takes a gander at them two. What’s going on here? Who is the genuine Vishkanya here?


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