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Pundit ji asks the bride and groom to do every different’s tilak. Katrina’s eyes widen in surprise as soon as she lifts Aditya’s sehra. Sabrina hides her smile. Aditya is carrying goggles wherein Katrina can see her kitten mirrored image. She will become a kitten shocking anyone. Aditya gains aware and steps returned in surprise. Mohit gets involved for Katrina. Alia is relieved that Aditya knows the reality subsequently. Aditya remembers Alia telling him Katrina’s fact and the way he hadn’t believed her. Sabrina selections Katrina. this is the weakness of all of the animals living in Vishloka. mirror brings out each person’s fact. I recognise you need to tell all and sundry that i am the Vishkanya however human beings cannot listen the language of animals.

Katrina is trapped in a soundproof room. She is shouting Sabrina’s reality but Sabrina is relieved as no one can genuinely pay attention Katrina’s voice. Aghori (Rudra) comes there. Alia tells him that Katrina is the Vishkanya. we’ve seen her actual form. Aditya requests him to take Katrina with him so that everybody is secure. He assures every body that he will take Katrina with him. Guards take Katrina away. Alia notices Katrina pointing at the choreographer. She is shouting that Ronnie is set to die. Sabrina will update Vishaila’s heart together with his. hold an eye fixed on him. you’ll be able to discern out the reality. Alia wonders why Katrina is pointing at Ronnie. Is he a Vishpurush? Aghori blesses Alia and tells her to remember of Shiva’s signs and symptoms. Alia wonders if there has been some thing which she neglected.
Sabrina decides to do some thing before Aghori finds out the fact.

Alia and Aditya are speaking. Alia says we in no way thought Katrina will be the Vishkanya. He apologizes to her for no longer believing her. She forgives him. He says i used to be disillusioned that you dint bother seeing me getting married to Katrina. i used to be so incorrect! She says i’d have felt the identical manner if i was on your region. We should be grateful that the reality turned into out before some thing may want to move wrong. He holds her hand. you are proper. She is relieved that everybody is secure now.

Sabrina goes after Rudra and Katrina. Ronnie leans at her automobile’s window and asks her to show him around the city as promised. She realises that it is the thirteenth day and Vishaila’s coronary heart desires to get replaced. She asks him if he isn’t too keen to offer his heart to her. He smiles. you’ve got it already. She tells him to attend a little. i have something urgent to attend to. i can show you around as soon as i am returned. Ronnie tells her to be lower back soon. He leans in to give her a kiss on her cheek. Alia notices it and is stunned. What goes on between them? She remembers that Katrina changed into pointing at Ronnie simply before she become taken away. What changed into she attempting to inform? Aditya asks her what she is thinking. She shakes her head. He asks her to provide him a hazard to rectify his mistake. permit’s meet in gazebo at night. simply the two folks. She consents and is going. Aditya thinks he cannot lose Alia once more. i’m positive I want to spend the rest of my existence together with her most effective. He seems on the ring. tonight will be the first night toward that new starting!

Rudra is doing some puja. Katrina continues to be trapped in the glass box. Sabrina comes there. Rudra asks his disciples to open the door. I need to look if Katrina will accept her misdeeds or not. He sprinkles holy water on her and asks her to inform him everything honestly. Katrina shouts that she isn’t a Vishkanya. i have been trying to tell you considering that see you later however you have stored me in a soundproof box! real Vishkanya is someone else! Sabrina makes a decision to play her recreation. She emits venom within the air. all of the disciples bypass out on the floor. Rudra notices Sabrina coming there. he pours water on Sabrina who tells him that he wont be able to damage her in any manner now. shop your closing electricity and recollect your God now. She uses her powers to harm him and then attacks Katrina. Rudra tells her to permit go of Katrina but Sabrina holds him the usage of her different hand. She has lifted both of them at once. She pushes Katrina excessive in the air accompanied by Rudra. A blade seems magically in her hand. She apologizes to Katrina. you are too pleased with your 7 lives. Now i’m able to end them suddenly! She stabs Katrina repeatedly. i can pass over you kitty! She laughs evilly. sport over! saying so, she walks out of the cave.

Aditya brings Alia to the gazebo. it’s far beautifully embellished. She asks him if there is something special. He says it is you. I wanted to invite you in case you are loose for existence. He kneels down in the front of her retaining the ring in his hand. I attempted however I can’t live without you. Will you please marry me? Rudra’s phrases echoes in her thoughts. Aditya tells her that the whole lot is exceptional now. we are able to sort the whole thing in future collectively. I don’t worry about whatever till the time you are with me. She replies that she can constantly with him as his defend. He nods. I know nothing can take place to me till the time you are with me. She says demise will need to face me first. He shushes her. How can we die whilst we can not stay with out each different? he’s putting the ring in her finger after they pay attention Maria shouting for help. Alia holds the ring as they each run out of doors. Mohit has harm himself on his head.

Katrina profits aware. She appears round and realises that her lifestyles internal Mohit stored her these days. Flashback suggests Mohit slipping from the steps. Katrina’s life sweeps out of him and this is how Katrina were given saved. Flashback ends. Now i’ve most effective one motive of my life – revenge! I recognise that Vishaili’s life is inner Vishaila. Now i’m able to discover him and kill him in this type of way that you may die yourself. I wont be at peace till the time I smash you presently! i am coming, Sabby!

Precap: Alia notices Sabrina going inside Ronnie’s room stealthily at night time. She tells Ronnie it is time to fulfil her promise. She takes Ronnie together with her. Alia hides within the trunk in their car and makes a decision to discover the truth.


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