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Alia discloses to him that Katrina is the Vishkanya. We have seen her genuine structure. Aditya demands him to take Katrina with him so everybody is protected. He guarantees everybody that he will take Katrina with him. Watchmen take Katrina away. Alia sees Katrina pointing at the choreographer. She is yelling that Ronnie is going to bite the dust. Sabrina will supplant Vishaila’s heart with his. Watch out for him. You will probably make sense of reality. Alia asks why Katrina is pointing at Ronnie. Is it true that he is a Vishpurush? Aghori favors Alia and advises her to be aware of Shiva’s signs. Alia thinks about whether there was something which she missed.

Sabrina chooses to accomplish something before Aghori discovers reality. Alia and Aditya are talking. Alia says we never thought Katrina will be the Vishkanya. He is sorry to her for not trusting her. She excuses him. He says I was disturbed that you dint try seeing me getting hitched to Katrina. I was so off-base! She says I would have felt a similar way on the off chance that I was in your place. We should be grateful that the reality of the situation was out before something could turn out badly. He holds her hand. You are correct. She is eased that everybody is sheltered at this point.

Sabrina is following Rudra and Katrina. Ronnie inclines at her vehicle’s window and requests that her show him around the town as guaranteed. She understands that it is the thirteenth day and Vishaila’s heart should be supplanted. She inquires as to whether he isn’t too quick to even consider giving his heart to her. He grins. You have it as of now. She guides him to hold up a bit. I have something pressing to take care of. I will indicate you around once I am back. Ronnie advises her to be back soon. He inclines in to give her a kiss on her cheek. Alia sees it and is shocked. What is happening between them? She reviews that Katrina was pointing at Ronnie just before she was removed. What was she attempting to tell? Aditya asks her what she is thinking. She shakes her head. He requests that her allow him to correct his misstep. We should meet in gazebo during the evening. Simply both of us. She concurs and goes. Aditya supposes he can’t lose Alia once more. I am certain I need to spend a mind-blowing remainder with her as it were. He takes a gander at the ring. This evening will be the primary night towards that fresh start!

Rudra is doing some puja. Katrina is as yet caught in the glass box. Sabrina comes there. Rudra requests that his devotees open the entryway. I need to check whether Katrina will acknowledge her offenses or not. He sprinkles heavenly water on her and requests that her let him know everything plainly. Katrina yells that she isn’t a Vishkanya. I have been attempting to let you know since so long however you have kept me in a soundproof box! Genuine Vishkanya is another person! Sabrina chooses to play her game. She produces venom noticeable all around. Every one of the devotees go out on the floor. Rudra sees Sabrina coming there. he pours water on Sabrina who discloses to him that he wont most likely mischief her in any capacity now. Spare your residual vitality and recollect your God now. She utilizes her forces to hurt him and afterward assaults Katrina. Rudra advises her to relinquish Katrina however Sabrina holds him utilizing her other hand. She has lifted them two without a moment’s delay. She pushes Katrina high noticeable all around pursued by Rudra. A sharp edge shows up mysteriously in her grasp. She is sorry to Katrina. You are excessively pleased with your 7 lives. Presently I will complete them at the same time! She cuts Katrina over and over. I will miss you kitty! She snickers evilly. Game over! Saying as much, she leaves the cavern.

Aditya brings Alia to the gazebo. It is perfectly improved. She inquires as to whether there is something extraordinary. He says it is you. I needed to approach you in the event that you are free forever. He stoops down before her grasping the ring. I attempted yet I can’t live without you. If you don’t mind, kindly wed me? Rudra’s words echoes in her psyche. Aditya reveals to her that all is well at this point. We will sort everything in future together. I don’t stress over anything till the time you are with me. She answers that she will consistently with him as his shield. He gestures. I know nothing can transpire till the time you are with me. She says passing should confront me first. He shushes her. How might we bite the dust when we can’t live without one another? He is putting the ring in her finger when they hear Maria yelling for assistance. Alia holds the ring as the two of them keep running outside. Mohit has harmed himself on his head.

Katrina increases cognizant. She glances around and understands that her life inside Mohit spared her today. Flashback demonstrates Mohit slipping from the stairs. Katrina’s life breadths out of him and that is the means by which Katrina got spared. Flashback closes. Presently I have just a single thought process of my life – retribution! I realize such Vishaili’s reality is inside Vishaila. Presently I will discover him and execute him so that you will kick the bucket yourself. I wont find a sense of contentment till the time I obliterate you now! I am coming, Sabby!

Precap: Alia sees Sabrina going inside Ronnie’s room stealthily around evening time. She discloses to Ronnie the time has come to satisfy her guarantee. She takes Ronnie with her. Alia stows away in the storage compartment of their vehicle and chooses to discover reality.


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