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Alia feels something odd the minute she warmly greets Makdina. I can feel peculiar vibes from her. There is something negative about her. Makdina converses with the DJ. Alia thinks about whether Makdina is the Vishkanya. Makdina and Sabrina perform on Kala Chashma. Aditya continues taking a gander at Alia. I need to perceive how cheerful you are. Makdina look over certain light fixtures when nobody is looking toward her. Sabrina advises her to check each edge of the house. Makdina leaves. Alia sees her leaving stealthily and gets inquisitive. She pursues Makdina however she takes cover behind a column. Makdina figures this young lady won’t let me complete my undertaking in the event that she keeps tailing me. Alia can’t comprehend how somebody can vanish in a second. Makdina transforms into her genuine self and begins searching for Sabrina’s eyes.

Katrina is remaining in the passage. She crashes into Mohit and instructs him to ensure Sabrina can’t get hold of her eyes at any expense. Return inside. He gestures. Katrina thinks to plan something for ensure nobody acknowledges she isn’t in the capacity. Alia can’t discover Makdina anyplace. Katrina taps at her shoulder. It is safe to say that you are searching for somebody? Alia shakes her head. Katrina demands her to have her spot in the move succession with Aditya for some time. Alia is reluctant yet Katrina reasons that she has polished the means as of now. Alia thinks that its peculiar however Katrina demands her to do it for her sake. Alia at long last concurs. Think of it as my wedding present for both of you. She takes the cover and goes.

Aditya goes in front of an audience. He is sitting tight for Katrina. Alia comes there wearing the veil. Aditya asks why Katrina is wearing a cover. Alia begins the move. They move on Beintehaan tune. Aditya asks why he feels as though he is hitting the dance floor with Alia. Alia supposes regardless he has affections for her. The two of them think about their past minutes and move sweetly with one another. Everybody applauds as the melody arrives at an end.

Katrina’s hand has turned green. I can’t shoulder the smell however there is no option in contrast to this. She applies cow manure on her feet. I wont save the individual who is behind it. Is it Sabrina’s doing? She shrugs her dupatta and can smell infant powder. I was correct. Sabrina needed to divert me so she can get hold of her eyes! I should return before that occurs. She covers herself utilizing a shawl and ventures out of the room.

Makdina chooses to take on a similar mindset as a feline. The spot ought to be before everybody yet it must be a shrouded one. It must be in the corridor where Sangeet is going on.

Individuals spread their noses as Katrina strolls past them. She sees Makdina and acknowledges what Sabrina is doing. How did Sabrina gather her without her forces? She is going towards the crystal fixture. It implies she realizes where Sabrina’s eyes are! She transforms into her cat symbol and battles with Makdina. Individuals begin recording it. Maria informs Sabrina regarding the battle. Sabrina gets happy reasoning that Makdina realizes the concealing spot. Alia’s veil falls off. Aditya understands that he was hitting the dance floor with her a little while ago. Where is Katrina?

Makdina bounces away with Sabrina’s eyes. Everybody looks on in disarray. Alia is sure something isn’t right here. Aditya wont hear me out yet perhaps Sabrina Ma’am will listen to me and get me. She sees Sabrina setting off to her live with somebody. Who was with her?

Makdina gives Sabrina her eyes. She returns them on and is calmed to see everything once more. She compliments Makdina on her excellence. Katrina stole my eyes and received rebuffed in kind. See what I do to her now! I have my forces back. I wouldn’t fret defying the guidelines of Vishloka now! Sabrina expresses gratitude toward her for her assistance yet Makdina calls it her obligation. Sabrina guarantees her that she will get her prize at the correct time. She sends Makdina back to Vishloka.

Precap: Alia asks Sabrina for what good reason she dint let them know whether she realized that Katrina is a Vishkanya. Sabrina answers that no one but she can spare Aditya from Katrina. Alia is headed to stop Aditya yet Katrina seizes her halfway and attempts to choke her.


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