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Sabrina orders her spider to take Aditya’s frame to the peepal tree so she can transfer Vishaila’s soul in him.

Sabrina comes to wherein Vishaila is. i will shift your soul inner Aditya’s body now. we can in the end be one.

Bells ring. Alia wakes up with a start. She notices the spiders dragging Aditya wonder where they’re taking him. She recalls that the spiders will depart because fo the scent of neem leaves. She is going to discover some.

Sabrina tells Vishaila to attend a touch. they will carry Aditya soon.

The spiders go away because of the scent of neem leaves. Alia tries to wake up Aditya.

Sabrina is bowled over to look the spiders come without Aditya’s frame. She receives miffed with Alia for her plan. See what i’m able to do to you now! you think you are too smart?

Alia maintains together with her efforts to awaken Aditya. Shekhar comes there. He asks her wherein she became. She tells him to first take Aditya inner. He allows her. He subsequent tells her to take Aditya within the room and goes to make a name. Flashback shows Sabrina asking Shekhar to ensure Alia and Aditya stay inside the residence. Aditya profits aware but Shekhar hits him on his head. She asks him if he has long past mad. He nods. i’m loopy for you. What do you notice in my eyes? he is taking her downstairs with him. He asks her to leave her. He threatens to kill her. you’re so beautiful that I simply can not! She reminds him that they are university friends. He says you aren’t my friend but my love. you could in no way understand my feelings! She notices that his eyes are crimson. He says you have got in no way noticed me or my love till date. i love you. She tells him he’s hypnotised however he tells her to be quiet. He pursuits his gun at her. simply do as I say or i can shoot you and your Aditya! Alia shouts at Aditya however Shekhar tells him no longer to pressure him to do something incorrect. Aditya calls out to Shekhar. Shekhar says looks as if he does now not care about his life. Aditya ducks as Shekhar shoots at him. He hits Shekhar. Aditya manages to hit him with a vase. Shekhar passes out on the ground. Alia hugs Aditya out of fear. It is right which you awakened or don’t know what could have occurred! He asks her if she is pleasant. She nods. We must take Mohit Sir with us or we wont be able to shop him. He nods.
Sabrina comes domestic questioning that Shekhar have to have sorted Aditya by way of now. She reveals someone lying unconscious close to the stairs and thinks it is Aditya. i can deliver him a dose of my poison for the subsequent 13 days in a row. She gives him first dose. Shekhar starts shaking badly. Sabrina is taken aback to see him there. His body turns blue. She makes a decision to keep him. I had hypnotised him so one can use him to my advantage! She withdraws her poison from his body. He coughs as he wakes up. She tells him to observe his instructions cautiously now. cover in the dwelling room. She begins shouting for help loudly. He gets pressured but she smiles at him. I ought to prevent Alia and Aditya by hook or crook!

Alia hears Sabrina screaming and receives concerned. Aditya advises her no longer to risk their lives for Sabrina but Alia rushes downstairs. Sabrina lies that Shekhar tried to take benefit of her. Alia comforts her. you are safe now. Sabrina says don’t know why he turned into behaving so unusually. Aditya says he has long past mad. He was attacking us too. in which is he? Sabrina says he attacked me and ran away. Alia says a person has hypnotised him. He attempted to misbehave with me too however Aditya got here on the proper time. Sabrina asks her if she is excellent. i am satisfied to see Alia secure. She asks them where they are taking Mohit at this hour. Alia tells her the entirety surely which concerns Aditya. Sabrina says I know Aditya doubts me. we can run on this attempting time but until while we can run! Alia seconds her Aditya reprimands her for still appearing silly despite the fact that a lot has came about. Mohit starts shivering / shaking as he notices Shekhar hiding at the back of the sofa. Shekhar smiles evilly at him. Aditya and Alia turn closer to him out of challenge. Sabrina follows Mohit’s gaze. i hope they don’t see Shekhar. She gestures Shekhar to hide who obeys her. Aditya realises his brother is hinting at the couch. Sabrina smartly asks Aditya and Alia to take Mohit to his room. He desires you proper now. Aditya and Alia wheel Mohit to his room.

A girl buys the reflect in which Vishera is trapped. He wonders in which his future will now take him.

Sabrina tells Shekhar she can contend with him as soon as she is completed with Aditya, Alia and Mohit. My plan became foiled due to Shekhar. i’ve to devise something exceptional. it’s miles the most precise second inside the lives of Vishaila and me. It need to be similarly special for Aditya. It need to be memorable! Vishaila will get a new frame and Aditya will be long past for all time! My properly days are coming.

Precap: Sabrina orders 2 of her spirits to kill Aditya and convey his frame to her.


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