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Aditya is in dismay. How might it be? He was fine seconds ago. Sabrina and Ronnie come there. Sabrina claims to be concerned. Aditya asks her where she was the point at which this occurred. Sabrina inquires as to whether he will question her in this circumstance as well. Aditya says I can do anything with regards to my sibling. Sabrina lies that she went to see off Makdina. I wouldn’t have gone anyplace in the event that I realized this would occur. She flag Ronnie who leaves. Sabrina says I wont disregard Mohit ever now. I will consistently be with him. Sabrina asks them who was close Mohit when this occurred. Alia takes Maria’s name. Sabrina goes to meet Maria which riddles Alia. She just said she will remain with Mohit Sir and is simply leaving to converse with Maria. She sees the imprints on the floor as made by Sabrina’s shoes. This red soil is discovered distinctly in Shiv ji’s sanctuary where Rudra remains.

Rudra took Katrina with him and Sabrina Ma’am tailed them? What’s going on? Mohit writes Vish and the letter S on a scratch pad. Alia awakens with a begin and inquires as to whether he needs to reveal to her something. Is Katrina Vishkanya? She sees him moving his hand and offers the notebook. Seeing his condition, she quiets him down first. She hears the hints of strides and looks outside to see who is there. She sees Sabrina going inside Ronnie’s room stealthily. Ronnie is sleeping soundly. She contacts his chest enchantingly. I can hear your pulse. Ronnie holds her hand. They be a tease a bit. She requests that he accompany her. We ought to do a few things in private. Ronnie readily goes with her. Alia holes up behind a column as they venture out of the room. Where are they off to? Is reality something different than what we believe it to be? Katrina was indicating Ronnie and Sabrina. I just accepted what Sabrina Ma’am said yet her activities are peculiar as well. She misled me! There was another person in her room that day also and now Ronnie. What is happening? Mohit Sir is unwell and here Sabrina Ma’am is with Ronnie. I couldn’t comprehend Katrina’s insight yet now I imagine that she was indicating Ronnie and Sabrina Ma’am. I should discover where they are set for at this hour. Aditya is contemplating Alia. Deewane plays. He thinks about all the past minutes with Alia.

Sabrina and Ronnie meet close to her vehicle. She says destiny bolsters the individuals who have same intentions. Mohit became sick once more. The time has come to satisfy my guarantee. I will demonstrate to you the whole island in the dead of the night and I guarantee that this will be the most bold night of his life. They sit in the vehicle. Alia stows away in the storage compartment of Sabrina’s vehicle so she can discover reality. Aditya sees Alia stowing away in the storage compartment and is bewildered. He comes first floor yet the vehicle has left the premises. Where is Sabrina going at this hour and with whom? He chooses to pursue their vehicle. Ronnie is interested to know where they are headed toward. Sabrina guides him to have tolerance. Tolerance will remunerate you with extraordinary prizes. It will be a daring night for you. She supposes it will be his last too.

Katrina is searching for Vishaila. She finds an old lodge in the woods and chooses to check inside. Sabrina brings Ronnie to a similar lodge. He finds the spot frightfully tranquil yet she talks about sentiment. He pursues her inside. Katrina figures out how to get inside the cottage too. She discovers Vishaila’s body on the highest floor of the home. It is the thirteenth day today around evening time. Sabrina will come here with her prey soon. I simply need to sit tight persistently for her.

Ronnie and Sabrina talk in puzzles. He pulls her nearby however she pushes him marginally. We have the whole night. Why surge to such an extent? Aditya ponders what was critical to such an extent that Alia needed to leave that way. Alia ventures out of the vehicle. There is something fishy here. For what reason did Sabrina Ma’am bring Ronnie here? Ronnie gets some information about the cabin. Whose it is and for what reason did you pick this spot? She considers it the most sentimental spot ever. He also begins to like the spot. She says you will give me your heart today around evening time.

Alia finds the spot frightful as well. Poor Mohit Sir! Sabrina brings Ronnie inside the room where Vishaila has been kept. Ronnie alarms. What’s this and for what reason did you bring me here? She reveals to him that he will discover everything soon. Katrina needs to hold on to ensure Sabrina commits an error. I will utilize it at that point. Alia supposes I feel as though something exceptionally wrong is going to happen today!

Precap: Sabrina sits beside Vishaila and reveals to Ronnie that he needs to give his heart to Vishaila. She takes out his heart. Alia sees her accordingly and yells. Sabrina takes a gander at her. At long last you realize that Vishkanya isn’t Katrina however me!


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