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Alia shouts at Aditya for assist. He runs toward the cliff. Sabrina is coming from other side. She is observed through 3 huge snakes. Aditya jumps and holds Alia’s hand. The tree nearby gets uprooted and falls over him. He gets harm on his head due to which he loses conscious. Alia shouts his call in surprise. Sabrina comes there. She looks at Alia. you put that fireplace due to which I misplaced my focus and Vishaila. You too will must lose your love now! i will grasp your Aditya from you! you’re fortunate though as you wont live to peer that. She thumps on Alia’s hand. You were so eager to meet the Vishkanya. How does it experience now? Alia factors out that one has to pay for his or her errors. Sabrina tells her to prevent lecturing. you’re an everyday lady even as i am the most risky Vishkanya of this world. We are no match for every different. you may die the second one i’m able to chunk you! I don’t want you to die an clean dying. I need you to be the meal of the crocodiles inside the lake beneath you! greater crocodiles accumulate in the lake. Sabrina’s insect crawls close to Alia’s hand. She we could go of the cliff in fear and falls down. Sabrina laughs. Now Aditya will be my Vishpurush. we will rule this global together now! it is going to be a thankfully ever after.

Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays. Sabrina drags Aditya away. Alia remembers her conferences / moments with Aditya. She falls inside the lake. The water turns pink.

A month later:
there is a party in Kothari Mansion. Aditya dances with Sabrina on Bachna Ae Haseeno. Maria appears at them in confusion. the entirety modified in a month. She appears at Mohit’s picture on which a garland is hung. I nonetheless take into account that night time.

Sabrina brings Aditya domestic. Maria asks her about Aditya’s circumstance but Sabrina quietly puts him on Mohit’s mattress. Maria gets slapped the instant she touches Sabrina. Sabrina warns her not to touch her ever once more. Stand quietly in a nook. She complies. Mohit wonders what Sabrina did with Aditya. Sabrina tells him now not to cry. Your brother become lucky that he escaped. You need to thank God. I lost my Vishaila these days yet i am now not crying. life does no longer forestall when a person dies! You discover any other accomplice similar to i discovered Aditya. With Alia’s death, there isn’t all people between us now. Aditya turns into my Vishaila now. i am waiting for him. I should do something the moment he wakes up to ensure he marries me. Our toxic kids will rule the world now. It will become a Vishloka! Maria asks her how it’s far possible. Your first husband may be very lots alive. Mohit is sweating / shaking via now. Sabrina unearths common sense in her phrases. She looks at Mohit. You aren’t at fault but this is the guideline of your global. I can not marry my BIL whilst you are alive. you need to provide this sacrifice for me. She bids him adieu and bites him.

Aditya wakes up. Sabrina is keeping his hand. He shrugs her hand away and asks about Alia. Sabrina says i used to be so worried about you. Aditya asks about Alia. where is Bhai? He asks Maria to answer him. Sabrina thinks he changed into higher while he turned into unconscious. He has grow to be irritated younger man as soon as he woke up. I should do some thing. Sabrina thinks to do some thing. She hits him on the head the usage of some thing. He passes out again. She provides a sure amount of poison in his drip shocking Maria. Sabrina leans towards Aditya. this can manage your mind. Now he’ll do as I say. he will dance to my tunes. Now he’s going to neither be sad about Alia nor will he be concerned about his brother. He will be handiest mine. My suitable days are here ultimately! Aditya’s adventure of becoming a Vishpurush starts offevolved from here.

Maria thinks this has began taking place given that Aditya has got Sabrina’s poison in his veins. She watches Aditya and Sabrina dance. I understand I supported wrong Mohit Sir however God knows that i used to be helpless. I needed to keep my son. Please forgive me for this Lord. Please forestall Sabrina. If Vishkanya wins then your international will be finished. Please don’t allow this occur. Is there nobody for your global who can stop Sabrina?

Bhairadweep Police Chowki:
Inspector is speaking rudely to a female. She tells him to loosen up. you have got a high BP or even forgot your medication. Constable calls her a lady who knows black magic however the Inspector calls her a drug peddler. She seems on the clock. I must depart now. we can communicate at period some different time. He asks her how she will be able to move in handcuffs. She switches them to his palms in a cut up 2d and walks out of the police station.

Sabrina tells Maria how Aditya was dancing carefully along with her. he is trapped in my love. he’s in love! it’s time to give a new name to this relationship. it’s time for our unison. Maria asks her what she approach. Sabrina says we are able to marry. Maria asks her if it does now not seem too rushed. Mohit handed away recently. Aditya says it is me who’s in rush. Why should I wait whilst i’ve determined my soulmate? Maria says i was saying it much like that. Aditya replies that Sabrina has saved his existence. My life is hers and i am just giving it to her. I need to marry you asap, Sabrina! Maria’s eyes widen in surprise. Sabrina smiles shyly. he is without a doubt below Sabrina’s spell. Maria begs for help silently. This shouldn’t appear at any price!

Precap: Alia wakes up after a month. She meets the equal girl who tells her that she received conscious after a month. Alia decides to keep Aditya. Don’t know what Sabrina could have done to him. alternatively, Sabrina mixes Vishaila’s ashes in a juice and asks Maria to provide it to Aditya. Alia shouts Aditya’s name and runs closer to him. He appears at her in trance like kingdom.


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