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Alia is still on her way inside. Katrina chooses to grab the heart out of Sabrina’s hand the minute she hauls out Ronnie’s heart. She ought not have the option to supplant Vishaila’s heart. Presently I will give her a similar agony which she has given to me. My vengeance will be finished when Sabrina will long for her Vishaila. Sabrina takes out Ronnie’s heart. Alia sees her along these lines and yells. Sabrina takes a gander at her and drops Ronnie’s body on the floor. Katrina is irritated to see Alia there. Sabrina asks Alia for what good reason she pursued her. She replaces Vishaila’s heart. Alia stammers. It is safe to say that you are Vishkanya? You are in charge of such a large number of passings and for Mohit Sir’s condition? She relates everything from the scratch to Sabrina. I confided in you to such an extent. I shared everything with you and guarded you before Aditya. I confided in you! Sabrina inquires as to whether she had asked her to. Keep in mind the guidelines I had disclosed to you when you had entered in Kothari Mansion? You disrupted that guideline today! Alia asks her what she needs.

Sabrina calls it survival. You are exceptionally obstinate. At long last you discovered that Vishkanya isn’t Katrina however me! You should pay the cost of knowing this reality from your life, much the same as your dad! Alia is in tears pondering her dad. She considers her dad’s examination. You slaughtered my Papa? Sabrina says I had no alternative. It is your family issue to meddle in everybody’s the same old thing. He also discovered my reality and I needed to treat him as well! She stretches out her tongue a little to indicate Alia her existence. Try not to move or you will be harmed more! Alia keeps running from that point. Sabrina snickers. She leaves her arachnids and creepy crawlies after Alia. She begins conversing with Vishaila. Nobody gives me a chance to invest energy with you. This was your last heart transplant. I will move you inside Aditya’s body after this. Only somewhat more pause and we will be cheerfully ever after!

Katrina is miffed with Alia for demolishing her arrangement. I wish I could slaughter her immediately! The creepy crawlies pursue Alia all over the place. She winds up in a storeroom and thinks to locate a perpetual arrangement. She pours lamp fuel on the floor and consumes the creepy crawlies. Sabrina and Katrina smell smoke. Katrina grins seeing Alia’s arrangement. She gave me an extraordinary thought. Presently I will deliver my retribution. Sabrina goes to check the reason for flame. In the interim, Sabrina hauls Vishaila with her to the storeroom. She tosses him on the floor. He squirms miserably. Sabrina takes a gander at the flame and gets irate with Alia. I was going to give you a simple passing yet not any longer. She yells seeing Vishaila’s condition yet looks on powerlessly. She reviews how she had attempted to spare him over every one of these years and cries. She asks Katrina what she did and slaughters her on the spot. Vishaila kicks the bucket. His body vanishes. Sabrina curses Katrina yet she is happy she won. I delivered my retribution. You lost! I killed your adoration, your life today! You will in any incredible your Vishaila now! You have no thought process left to live at this point. You will be only an inert human! Sabrina chokes her. I need to hear you shout one final time. Katrina inhales her last. Aditya arrives at the cabin simply at that point. Sabrina chuckles saying that it is difficult to crush Sabrina. Vishaila passed on however the man with the reviled imprint is alive. Presently Aditya will supplant Vishaila. He will be my new love.

Aditya thinks about whether Alia is in some threat. Alia is as yet running upstairs from the creepy crawlies. She catches Aditya shouting to her and chooses to reveal to him Sabrina’s fact above all else. She yells at Aditya. I know reality with regards to Vishkanya. Katrina isn’t the Vishkanya. Sabrina figures reality will kick the bucket with her however. The creepy crawlies transform into a tremendous snake. Alia keeps running from that point however the snake is pursuing her. Aditya pursues her. The snake pounds on the ground as a result of which Alia and Aditya lose their equalization for a couple of minutes. She tumbles down, rolls and winds up swinging from the edge of the precipice. She battles to clutch something as there are crocodiles sitting tight for her in the lake on the ground. She yells at Aditya to help. He keeps running towards her.

Precap: Sabrina asks Alia how she felt next to meeting her. You are a normal young lady while I am the most hazardous Vishkanya of this world. She steps her feet on Alia’s hand who falls directly in the water. The crocodiles open their mouth. Alia has gone out on the shore and is sheltered. A woman is appeared.


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