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The identical girl is headed to a cave inside the jungle. She notices Alia moving and smiles. Alia opens her eyes. She seems at her surroundings. The girl is pleased to look her as a consequence and sits subsequent to her. Alia asks her in which she is. What had happened to me? The lady tells her to be cautious. you are very weak. i will assist you recall the entirety? She touches Alia’s head. Alia recalls everything right now.

Flashback indicates Alia mendacity wounded on the shore of the river. The girl finds her there.

Alia asks her who she is. The lady stocks that she is her angel. i’ve come to pay you for what you probably did within the previous delivery. Alia receives burdened however the woman assures her she can understand the entirety when the time is right. Alia sits up. The lady advises her to be careful. You won aware after a month and

are nonetheless weak. Sabrina’s caution echoes in Alia’s head. I have to pass. Don’t recognize what Sabrina might have executed to Aditya. The lady calls her through her name. forestall. You aren’t in the situation to fight with that Vishkanya Sabrina. Alia asks her how she knows all this. The lady replies that this is a favour from the beyond start only. you will recognize the entirety while the time is right. Take relaxation. She holds Alia’s hand. Alia is reminded of Rudra. I feel as if I realize you. I suppose i’ve met you inside the past. It turned into a loved one that were given separated. The lady replies that loved ones go away so they can come closer once more. You need relaxation. Sleep now.
Sabrina mixes Vishaila’s ashes and her poison in a juice and asks Maria to present it to Aditya. Maria asks her what if some thing happens to Aditya. Sabrina denies. His manner of becoming Vishaila will speed up. Maria requests her in opposition to it. Sabrina threatens her using her son because the bait once more. Do you even recall how your son looks? Do you need to peer his face? She creates a circle using her magic and indicates Maria her son. he’s able to see Maria too. He cries out for Maria. She is crying as properly. Maria succumbs to Sabrina’s call for. Sabrina tells her she will get her son returned if she will obey all her orders. Now go.

The past flashes in Alia’s thoughts even as she is napping. She wakes up. I ought to leave from here for Aditya’s sake. She escapes from there. The thriller lady is napping nearby.

Maria mixes juice inside the glass given by means of Sabrina. She mentally apologizes to Aditya. I tried to stop Sabrina but it did not work.

Alia runs to reach Kothari property asap.

Maria’s hands are shaking as she palms the glass to Aditya. He tells her to visit a doc. She thinks how to inform him that her soul is stuck and shaking because of guilt. He is looking at his phone and starts offevolved strolling with the glass in his hand. Maria hopes for a miracle. He ought to drink the juice. Aditya is about to take a sip whilst he hears a person scream his call. He drops the glass in shock as he looks at the door. Alia runs towards him. Her eyes well up as she caresses his face and hugs him. Hain Deewane performs. Maria is thrilled. Dr. Alia is alive? Aditya dint drink juice. thanks, Lord. You despatched Dr. Alia lower back right here. Now i will see how Sabrina will fulfil her evil plan!

Alia says i’m so relieved to look you wholesome. I know about the Vishkanya. it’s far nobody else but Sabrina! You were right from the start. i am so sorry that I did not agree with you. This wouldn’t have occurred if I had trusted you. You don’t know what all she has done. She tells him what she had witnessed at the bungalow. She may be very dangerous. Her intentions are ill too. Mohit Sir is in this situation due to her. You wont agree with it that she has killed my Papa too. She has admitted this herself! Aditya slaps her. Alia notices Sabrina standing behind Aditya. She maintains her hand on his shoulder and relaxes. Aditya is staring blankly at Alia. Maria glares at Sabrina. Sabrina tells Alia she is amazed to look her alive. You appear greater stunned seeing the exchange in Aditya though. The method of him becoming Vishaila became about to begin from these days but you’re here now. You tousled the whole thing. The sluggish poison from considering remaining 1 month has got this effect. you could see it yourself. You came a little late. She holds Aditya. he is mine now! Aditya closes his eyes for a 2nd and then opens them once more. His eyes have turned darkish brown. Sabrina asks Alia why she looks so taken aback. You snatched Vishaila from me. I snatched Aditya from you! It’s all honest in love and battle. he is below my spell. Alia calls it incorrect. What’s his fault in this? Sabrina says he possesses that unique mark. He may be Vishaila. The ritual can be complete today. you may see it together with your own eyes. She asks Maria to convey some other glass of juice. Aditya and Sabrina smile at every other.

Sabrina looks on the glass of juice. The process of Aditya turning into Vishaila will start with this glass of juice. Come, my baby. Will you come to be Vishaila? Aditya replies that he’s going to do something she will be able to ask for. you have made me yours. Alia gives him her swear. you may see my lifeless frame if you drink it. He stops for a second but then Sabrina tells him to drink it. Alia attempts to take the glass from his hand but he holds her hand and pushes her away. He empties the glass stunning Alia and Maria. His eyes flip darkish brown once more. Sabrina smiles contentedly.

Precap: Sabrina announces that she can marry Aditya day after today. he is mine now! You (Alia) can’t die with out witnessing it. Aditya locks Alia in a room. Snakes appear from all the corners. She stands atop the bed to guard herself. however, Aditya and Sabrina are romancing.


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