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Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays. Sabrina hauls Aditya away. Alia reviews her gatherings/minutes with Aditya. She falls in the lake. The water turns red. There is a gathering in Kothari Mansion. Aditya hits the dance floor with Sabrina on Bachna Ae Haseeno. Maria takes a gander at them in disarray. Everything changed in a month. She takes a gander at Mohit’s photograph on which a festoon is hung. Regardless I recollect that night.

Sabrina brings Aditya home. Maria gets some information about Aditya’s condition however Sabrina discreetly puts him on Mohit’s bed. Maria gets slapped the minute she contacts Sabrina. Sabrina cautions her not to contact her until the end of time. Stand unobtrusively in a corner. She consents. Mohit ponders what Sabrina did with Aditya. Sabrina lets him know not to cry. Your sibling was fortunate that he gotten away. You ought to express gratitude toward God. I lost my Vishaila today yet I am not crying. Life does not stop when somebody kicks the bucket! You discover another accomplice simply like I discovered Aditya. With Alia’s passing, there isn’t anybody between us now. Aditya will turn into my Vishaila now. I am sitting tight for him. I need to accomplish something the minute he awakens to ensure he weds me. Our toxic children will govern the world at this point. It will end up being a Vishloka! Maria asks her how it is conceivable. Your first spouse is particularly alive. Mohit is perspiring/shaking at this point. Sabrina discovers rationale in her words. She takes a gander at Mohit. You aren’t to blame however this is the standard of your reality. I can’t wed my BIL while you are alive. You need to give this penance for me. She says goodbye to him and nibbles him.

Aditya awakens. Sabrina is holding his hand. He shrugs her hand away and gets some information about Alia. Sabrina says I was so stressed over you. Aditya gets some information about Alia. Where is Bhai? He requests that Maria answer him. Sabrina supposes he was better when he was oblivious. He has lost control youngster when he woke up. I should accomplish something. Sabrina thinks to accomplish something. She hits him on the head utilizing something. He goes out once more. She includes a specific measure of toxin in his trickle stunning Maria. Sabrina inclines nearer to Aditya. This will control your brain. Presently he will do as I state. He will move to my tunes. Presently he will nor be dismal about Alia nor will he be stressed over his sibling. He will be just mine. My great days are here at long last! Aditya’s voyage of turning into a Vishpurush begins from here.

Maria thinks this has begun occurring since Aditya has Sabrina’s toxin in his veins. She watches Aditya and Sabrina move. I realize I bolstered wrong Mohit Sir however God realizes that I was powerless. I needed to spare my child. If it’s not too much trouble excuse me for this Lord. If you don’t mind stop Sabrina. In the event that Vishkanya wins, at that point your reality will be done. Kindly don’t allow this to occur. Is there nobody in your reality who can stop Sabrina?

Monitor is talking inconsiderately to a lady. She guides him to unwind. You have a high BP and even overlooked your drug. Constable calls her a lady who knows dark enchantment yet the Inspector calls her a medication vendor. She takes a gander at the clock. I should leave now. We will talk finally later. He asks her how she will go in binds. She changes them to his hands in a brief moment and leaves the police headquarters.

Sabrina discloses to Maria how Aditya was moving intimately with her. He is caught in my affection. He is infatuated! The time has come to give another name to this relationship. It is the ideal opportunity for our harmony. Maria asks her what she implies. Sabrina says we will wed. Maria inquires as to whether it doesn’t appear to be excessively hurried. Mohit passed away as of late. Aditya says it is me who is in surge. For what reason would it be a good idea for me to hold up when I have discovered my perfect partner? Maria says I was stating it simply like that. Aditya answers that Sabrina has spared his life. My life is hers and I am simply offering it to her. I need to wed you asap, Sabrina! Maria’s eyes extend in stun. Sabrina grins modestly. He is plainly powerless to resist Sabrina. Maria asks for assistance quietly. This shouldn’t occur at any expense!

Precap: Alia awakens following a month. She meets a similar woman who discloses to her that she increased cognizant following a month. Alia chooses to spare Aditya. Don’t have the foggiest idea what Sabrina would have done to him. Then again, Sabrina blends Vishaila’s fiery debris in a juice and requests that Maria offer it to Aditya. Alia yells Aditya’s name and keeps running towards him. He sees her in stupor like state.


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