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Aditya empties the glass stunning Alia and Maria. His eyes flip darkish brown once again. Sabrina smiles contentedly. Aditya continues his hand in hers and she pulls him nearer. See Alia, your love misplaced in the front of my assault! Aditya broke your swear as your existence does not be counted to him. he is handiest mine now! He is aware the whole thing without me saying it. She asks Aditya if he knows what he has to do now. Aditya holds Alia’s hand and takes her downstairs. She speaks of their love. You proposed me for wedding. You wanted to spend your whole life with me. Don’t you recollect the whole lot? He seems at her. She requests him to think of that night time. Sabrina calls out to Aditya and his eyes flip red this time. Alia’s eyes widen in surprise. She requests him no longer to listen to Sabrina. he’s taking her with him. Sabrina says you could shout however it’s going to move in vain. Why don’t you admit it which you have misplaced? Aditya is mine now. You have to go away your self on destiny. i’m able to do the rest. Aditya locks Alia in a room. Snakes emerge from all of the corners. She asks Aditya why he is doing this but he actually walks out of the room. Alia stands atop the mattress to protect herself.
Sabrina tells Maria now she will make Aditya do the whole lot that no one ever imagined. i will even marry him now. move and make preps for the wedding Maria. i will marry him the following day itself!

Alia attempts to shoo the snakes away. She knows it that she can’t forestall the snakes for too long.

Maria goes to the balcony. She is chanting some thing but thinks that this wont work.

The small snakes grow to be 1 large snake. it is about to chunk Alia.

Maria tries once more. then again, the snake is hissing at Alia. Maria begs Lord to help her. Conch performs. climate changes. Maria is able to summon the crows. The beat the snake to dying. Alia remembers how the crows had stored Vishaila remaining time. They work for the Vishkanya. Why did they shop me then? The crows come lower back again and this time, they take Alia away along with her. they convey her in front of Maria. She thank you the crows. Alia asks Maria if she is controlling the crows. They had been the servants of the Vishkanya. How are you related? Maria shares that Sabrina is the usage of her. She has held my son captive and grew to become him into crow. I help her so she will be able to make him regular once more. Sabrina has given me some powers. I used it towards her nowadays after understanding that she turned into trying to turn our world to Vishloka. Alia is shocked. Maria says i am ready to sacrifice my son. just keep the sector. Alia reasons that it is too past due. It isn’t our Aditya anymore. He has grow to be evil like Sabrina because of her poison. Maria insists it is viable. Her poison hasn’t affected him an excessive amount of. He loses his control at instances, in particular when he thinks of you. Alia recalls how Aditya turns blank every time she speaks of her love. Maria says most effective a married girl can assignment Sabrina. She has decided to marry Aditya. everything might be pleasant if we make you marry him. Alia asks her how it’s far feasible. Maria offers her the book she has been protecting. It holds each bit of statistics about Vishkanya. It speaks of her strengths so it have to talk of her weaknesses too. Alia promises herself that she will go to any length to shop her Aditya from Sabrina’s clutches.

Aditya wakes up with a excessive headache. Sabrina asks him if he has a headache. he is bowled over to see her there. What are you doing here? How do you understand about my headache? She thinks how she might not know the aspect outcomes of her poison. it’ll be over quickly though. She lies to him that it would be the after consequences of the party. He asks about Alia and Mohit. She hands him another glass of toxic juice. you will do not forget the whole lot and your headache will depart. He shouts louder than before and his eyes flip red. He speaks properly to Sabrina now. i used to be lacking you a lot darling. where have been you? She replies that she become waiting for him to awaken. i can display you our wedding preps. They test the preps together. He calls it all stunning. he’s interested in a room with the red door and peeks internal. Why is so darkish internal? She lies that it’s miles storeroom. i’m able to show you the relaxation of the decor. saying so, she takes him together with her.

Sabrina asks all of the servants as to who left the pink door open. I warned you that I wont tolerate any lax. one of the servants says it might have came about due to the preps. She lets them off with a caution. It shouldn’t take place once more or you may be terminated. She goes internal that room as soon as everybody is gone. She opens her cabinet and looks at Mohit who’s standing in her cabinet. Flashback of ways she had killed him is proven. Sabrina sends Maria to dig a grave for Mohit. She makes a decision to hide Mohit somewhere. i have simply made him subconscious for now. She seals him a plastic bag and makes him stand in her cupboard. you’ll be of assist whilst matters will pass incorrect for me. you are useless for the arena. Maria is an eyewitness to that. Wont you congratulate your wife on her wedding ceremony? Sabrina steps out of the room however leaves the door open in the back of her.

The mystery girl (Rudra Ma) wakes up. She is startled to comprehend that Alia is lacking. in which did she go? She closes her eyes and unearths out where Alia could be in the intervening time. i was right. She has gone to Kothari property to get her love back. Her self-control is extremely sturdy. go and combat Alia your warfare. Rudra Ma is with you. It isn’t just your combat now. it’s miles a war to store all the people. you’ll recognize everything on the proper time. just do what you have got deliberate. it’s time to kill Sabrina!

Precap: Sabrina summons guys. I want you to be my bodyguards to ensure not anything is going incorrect in the wedding. Alia is dressed as a village girl and a long veil is covering her face. The scanner beeps whilst she is getting into. Sabrina’s bodyguards question Alia as to what’s in her bag. Sabrina shouts Alia’s name angrily.


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