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Alia asks her identity. The woman shares that she is her heavenly attendant. I have come to pay you for what you did in the past birth. Alia gets confounded yet the woman guarantees her she will comprehend everything when all is good and well. Alia sits up. The woman encourages her to be cautious. You increased cognizant following a month are as yet powerless. Sabrina’s notice echoes in Alia’s mind. I should go. Don’t have the foggiest idea what Sabrina would have done to Aditya. The woman calls her by her name. Stop. You are not in the condition to battle with that Vishkanya Sabrina. Alia asks her how she knows this. The woman answers this is some help from the past birth as it were. You will know it all when everything looks good. Take rest. She holds Alia’s hand. Alia is helped to remember Rudra. I feel as though I know you. I think I have met you before. It was a friend or family member who got isolated. The woman answers that friends and family leave so they can come nearer once more. You need rest. Rest now.

Sabrina blends Vishaila’s fiery remains and her toxic substance in a juice and requests that Maria offer it to Aditya. Maria inquires as to whether something happens to Aditya. Sabrina denies. His procedure of getting to be Vishaila will accelerate. Maria demands her against it. Sabrina compromises her utilizing her child as the trap once more. Do you considerably recall how your child looks? Would you like to see his face? She makes a circle utilizing her enchantment and shows Maria her child. He can see Maria as well. He shouts out for Maria. She is crying too. Maria capitulates to Sabrina’s interest. Sabrina discloses to her she will recover her child on the off chance that she will comply with every one of her requests. Presently go. The past flashes in Alia’s psyche while she is resting. She awakens. I should leave from here for the good of Aditya. She escapes from that point. The secret woman is dozing close-by. Maria blends squeeze in the glass given by Sabrina. She rationally apologizes to Aditya. I attempted to stop Sabrina yet it didn’t work. Alia hurries to reach Kothari Estate asap.

Maria’s hands are shaking as she hands the glass to Aditya. He advises her to visit a doc. She supposes how to reveal to him that her spirit is gotten and shaking as a result of blame. He is seeing his telephone and begins strolling with the glass in his grasp. Maria seeks after a supernatural occurrence. He should drink the juice. Aditya is going to take a taste when he hears somebody shout his name. He drops the glass in stun as he takes a gander at the entryway. Alia keeps running towards him. Her eyes well up as she strokes his face and embraces him. Hain Deewane plays. Maria is excited. Dr. Alia is alive? Aditya dint drink juice. Much obliged to you, Lord. You sent Dr. Alia back here. Presently I will perceive how Sabrina will satisfy her abhorrent arrangement!

Alia says I am so assuaged to see you solid. I think about the Vishkanya. It is nobody else however Sabrina! You were directly from the earliest starting point. I am sorry to learn an extent that I didn’t confide in you. This wouldn’t have occurred on the off chance that I had confided in you. You don’t have the foggiest idea what all she has done. She discloses to him what she had seen at the cottage. She is extremely risky. Her aims are sick as well. Mohit Sir is in this condition as a result of her. You wont trust it that she has executed my Papa as well. She has conceded this herself! Aditya slaps her. Alia sees Sabrina remaining behind Aditya. She keeps her hand on his shoulder and unwinds. Aditya is gazing vacantly at Alia. Maria frowns at Sabrina. Sabrina discloses to Alia she is shocked to see her alive. You appear to be increasingly dazed seeing the adjustment in Aditya however. The procedure of him transforming into Vishaila was going to start from today however you are here at this point. You destroyed everything. The moderate toxic substance from since most recent multi month has got this impact. You can see it yourself. You came somewhat late. She holds Aditya. He is mine now! Aditya shuts his eyes for a second and after that opens them once more. His eyes have turned dim dark colored. Sabrina asks Alia for what valid reason she looks so stunned. You grabbed Vishaila from me. I grabbed Aditya from you! It’s if its possible to break the rules, you might as well do it. He is completely devoted to me. Alia calls it wrong. What’s his deficiency in this? Sabrina says he has that extraordinary imprint. He will be Vishaila. The custom will be finished today. You will see it with your very own eyes. She solicits Maria to bring another glass from juice. Aditya and Sabrina grin at one another.

Sabrina takes a gander at the glass of juice. The procedure of Aditya transforming into Vishaila will begin with this glass of juice. Come, my child. Will you become Vishaila? Aditya answers that he will do whatever she will request. You have made me yours. Alia gives him her swear. You will see my dead body in the event that you drink it. He stops for a minute yet then Sabrina instructs him to drink it. Alia attempts to take the glass from his hand however he holds her hand and pushes her away. He purges the glass stunning Alia and Maria. His eyes turn dull dark colored by and by. Sabrina grins happily.

Precap: Sabrina declares that she will wed Aditya tomorrow. He is mine now! You (Alia) can’t pass on without seeing it. Aditya secures Alia a room. Snakes show up from every one of the corners. She remains on the bed to ensure herself. Then again, Aditya and Sabrina are romancing.


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