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Viraj is playing Pungi in the jungle. Sitara is bowled over to see him hence. forestall it! He seems at the snakes swivelling in front of him and kneels down on the floor. He is about to hold a snake however Sitara throws it away. What had been you going to do? it can have bit you. include me. She throws the Pungi and takes him together with her. Diya smiles within the heritage.

Albeli asks her sister how Viraj escaped closing night. He would have died by now! Vrinda calls it her ace card. Her sisters are stressed to understand extra but Vrinda once more tells them to wait. you’ll understand with time. Be patient. Rani Sa tells Vrinda she did a big mistake by way of giving that necklace to Yamini. She is displaying it off to anyone. it’s far an brand of our circle of relatives. Vrinda assures her she will forestall Yamini right away and goes.

Yamini keeps ogling at herself in the reflect. She is amazed to see Rani Sa, Vrinda and her sisters there. Vrinda shares that Lakshmi has an objection along with her showing off her new necklace. Rani Sa nods. I don’t like seeing you showing it off like this. Vrinda asks her if best she has a proper on it. you are forgetting that Yamini has an equal right on the whole lot such as you. You seem to overlook that i am the queen of the house now. You shouldn’t have any hassle with what I do and why! this is what is irritating me. you’re objecting to something i’m doing since yesterday! I don’t need your opinion. until now I notion I have to recognize you as you are an elder and a widow but I don’t want to try this anymore. i have sole proper on some thing you are sporting right now! begin eliminating every single component and hand it over to me asap. Arjun feels awful for his Bhabhi. Yamini tells Vrinda Lakshmi wont deliver in so easily. She steps closer to Lakshmi and removes her jewellery one at a time. Lakshmi offers her bangles upon her askance. You showed your genuine coloration very quickly. i will remember it.

Sitara asks Viraj if he is excellent. He continues quiet. She asks him why he went outdoor. He seems at her in confusion. while did i am going out of doors? She wonders how he can’t recollect what simply passed off. She dismisses it. something is simply incorrect. he’s safe after coming closer to me and now he does no longer even consider wherein he was! i can find my solutions at best one vicinity. She feeds him water and excuses herself for some time. Diya begins crying the moment Sitara goes out of the room. Viraj selections her. Viraj is jolted by means of another surprise the instant he holds her hand. He makes her take a seat at the sofa and struggles along with his ache.

Sitara asks Vrinda what she is doing with Viraj. Why did you are taking him near that tree? Vrinda asks her how her questions in no way give up. you’ve got a small brain so as to burst if you’ll take so much anxiety. How became last night time although? Your husband touched you for the primary time. Did you experience his contact? Sitara tells her to stop her nonsense. What are you doing with him? Vrinda asks her if she isn’t satisfied to peer her husband alive even once they consummated their relation. Very terrible of you to insult me like this! Did you want the candle that I despatched for your room in particular? You each have been together the whole night but your husband is still alive. You have to thank me as an alternative. Sitara says I understood you were behind anything befell. What did you do due to which Viraj is neither affected nor can he take into account something? Vrinda does now not need to tell her extra. you are very clever. assume a bit. you may locate your answer. I in no way performed cover and seek with you in your formative years. let’s play that sport now. it is going to be fun. Sitara is going.

In her room, Sitara cannot understand what Vrinda may have accomplished to Viraj. Why dint he get inflicted with my poison? Viraj sits up listening to the sound of Pungi. Sitara notices him for that reason. wherein is he off to? Sitara follows Viraj till the door however she loses sight of him as soon as she steps out of the principle door. She prays for his wellbeing fearing a terrible climate.

Viraj comes near the identical tree. He selections a snake and shall we the snake chunk him on his tongue. Sitara is searching out him in the jungle. Viraj receives inflicted with the snake’s poison.

Vrinda and her sisters attain jungle as nicely.

Sitara continues to be searching for Viraj.

Viraj’s veins flip blue as nicely and he screams. Vrinda smiles.

Precap: Rani Sa and Sitara are praying. Viraj wakes up and begins throwing stuff angrily. He pushes his mother who receives hurt inside the process. Sitara is shocked seeing his behaviour.

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Vish Ya Amrit Sitara 11 April 2019
Vish Ya Amrit Sitara 11th April 2019
Vish Ya Amrit Sitara 11 April
Vish Ya Amrit Sitara 11th April


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