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Rani Sa pours tea for herself and her husband. I can not apprehend why Nethra did all that. She become so excited but all at once refused to marry. Ratan too is boggled over the identical. She left the palace and went to her home without telling everybody. Rani Sa is worried how Viraj could be taking it. Vrinda knocks at the door simply then. She advises them to expose Viraj’s kundli to her Guru ji. He even looked at Surili’s kundli as soon as and suggested a few answers. the whole lot goes easily in her life on the grounds that then. Ratan is reluctant however Vrinda convinces them. Guru ji checks Viraj’s kundli. there may be a Dosha in his kundli. He must marry the following day itself or he wont marry in the subsequent 7 years. Viraj refuses to believe it however Guru ji tells him to show it to all people who he desires to. they’ll say the identical factor that i’ve just instructed you. Your wedding couldn’t appear two times inside the beyond. If it happens again then there may be no mahurat for another 7 years. day after today is a very unique day. He ought to marry day after today. Viraj tells his Dad he does now not consider any of it. There might be no wedding the following day. He walks away in a huff. Ratan reminds Vrinda of what he had stated earlier. Pundit ji takes their leave. Rani Sa tells her husband to make Viraj apprehend. Ratan asks her from wherein she can discover a appropriate bride for Viraj. How will you make him agree for it? Vrinda proposes Surili and Viraj’s marriage.

Viraj is practicing kickboxing in his room. Sitara brings meals for him. The room is so messed up. Even a kid keeps his room tidier than this. She cleans the room and offers Viraj protein shake whilst he is boxing. He shouts her to stop. Why are you doing this? She replies that that is her right. i am your could-be spouse. Viraj tells Sitara she is incorrect. you are nothing to me. We are not going to marry! She attempts to give an explanation for but he shouts at her to stop. you’ve got broken my coronary heart in many instances in the past but I can not give you every other hazard. She requests him to chill out. i was pressured returned then. i’ve died thousand instances earlier than hurting you. In had no choice returned then but I promise in no way to harm you again. i will simplest make you happy. He tells her he does now not desire to speak to her and takes her out of the room. He closes it from internal. Sitara knocks at the door attempting to talk to him however in useless.

Vrinda apologizes to Surili for taking this selection with out asking her. Surili suggests faith in her selection. I care about Viraj’s happiness. he’s a simply pleasant guy. I in reality like him but perhaps Ratan may have a problem with it. We are not royals. Ratan denies. We simplest want a nice female for our son. Rani Sa tells Surili she has seen her behaviour over the past few days. i am certain you’ll preserve Viraj very glad. Ratan broadcasts that final decision will be taken by means of Viraj. Vrinda says he is not in the proper state of thoughts. You best have to take it on his behalf. Ratan still leaves the very last choice on Viraj. Vrinda wonders the way to make Viraj agree for this alliance.

all of us is seated at the dining desk. Sitara offers meals to Viraj however he holds out his hand before her. Ratan tells the entire own family approximately the Dosha in Viraj’s kundli. Viraj repeats that he does now not accept as true with in it but Rani Sa tells him she believes in it. They tell him approximately Vrinda’s notion. Surili has stated sure. Viraj has to take a decision now. Rani Sa also tells Viraj she desires him to marry Surili. Sitara hopes Viraj says no for this alliance. Don’t act in haste. Arjun likes the alliance whereas Yamini and Samrat inform him to take his time and then decide. You must not regret it in destiny. Vrinda and her sisters speak well of Surili. Viraj thinks of his beyond satisfied moments with Sitara. I cannot marry Surili! If the wedding is to occur day after today then i will marry Sitara! He holds her hand while announcing so. every body stands up in surprise. Yamini questions Viraj but Arjun interrupts her. He tells Viraj that he accepts that Sitara is a pleasant female. Don’t neglect that you are a prince whilst Sitara is an normal servant. Rani Sa also objects his stance however Ratan stands in support of his son. in case you suppose that Sitara ought to be your existence associate then I be given your decision. He tells Sitara he will be happy to have her as their DIL. Vrinda asks Ratan how he can lower back out from his promise. He tells her he informed her in reality that the final selection will be taken via Viraj only. I receive and appreciate it if Viraj desires to marry Sitara. Viraj and Sitara will marry. the earlier you all take delivery of it the higher! Sitara nods thankfully in his route. Viraj and Sitara are searching for his blessings. Ratan says not anything is greater than Viraj’s happiness for me. Kuldeep might had been very satisfied if he changed into right here these days. He hugs them. Padmini congratulates them and hugs Sitara. Viraj looks sad.

Vrinda says we ought to do something positive about Sitara. She ruins our every plan. we’re constantly near our purpose but she messes it up in the end. Sitara gives credit score to her and Massi’s for giving her all the happiness. She apologizes to Surili as her alliance couldn’t be constant. in case you had been blessed with it then it would have befell. Albeli takes her call sternly. Sitara asks Vrinda if she wont bless her daughter. Vrinda consents to get her equipped and do her kanyadaan as she is her mother. Plus, your Baba isn’t here. Sitara says we can see it. I ought to tell you that now that is my own family. you will see the worst of me in case you even try and come near them! you have got visible it inside the past too. i was just their protector until nowadays but i’m their DIL now! assume nicely before doing whatever!

Precap: Viraj leans in the direction of Sitara for a kiss. She closes her eyes. Vrinda asks Sitara if Viraj will bring a palanquin in the front of his father’s lifeless body. Sitara asks her what she has completed now. Vrinda stocks that she has left a poisonous snake in Ratan’s room.


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