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Vrinda tells Albeli to give Sitara some time. She has Kuldeep’s upbringing. Sitara walks in with Samrat shocking they all. Sitara panics seeing Vrinda’s frame on ice and runs to her. Devi Ma again my mom to me after so many prayers however I couldn’t frolicked together with her. This royal circle of relatives stole my only happiness from me! Chabeeli says we recognize your ache. Why did you bring Samrat here? Sitara replies that she added him to are looking for revenge for her mother’s demise. i will no longer spare any member of the royal circle of relatives! Her eyes flip blue. She chains Samrat; pushes him excessive in air and then makes him give way thereby hurting him. i will punish the culprits of my mom much like she become held captive with the aid of the royal circle of relatives! I wont deliver them an smooth death. i’m able to flip every second of their lifestyles poisonous.

Their existence will be worse than death. Our poison wont allow them to stay and i wont allow them to die. entire royal own family will experience the pain that i have gone via! She walks out from there.
Aryan is unable to find Samrat anywhere. His phone is likewise switched off. Yamini is also trying to find him. every person is looking in specific corners of the palace. Yamini blames Ratan and Rajguru for being irresponsible. Our own family is being focused deliberately. The enmity is with a person else while someone else is getting targeted. Rani Sa attempts to calm her but in useless. Rajguru asks Kuldeep what befell but Aryan tells him everything in info. He disappeared in a 2d! Yamini cries. What if some thing has took place to him? Ratan asks Kuldeep to test each nook. Kuldeep leaves with the guards. Ratan tells Rajguru to take a look at the proper area. Rajguru heads to the Vishloka however is not able to open the mystery door. Vishkanya’s smile. Vrinda wakes Samrat using her powers. He wonders where he is and why he has been caught in chains. He shouts for help while Surili tells him to be quiet. He needs to know who they’re. Why have you ever tied me? unfastened me. You don’t recognise me! He shouts for assist again. Vrinda says i have waited for this moment seeing that years. His screams are giving me peace these days. allow him shout as a whole lot as he desires to. let him beg for his life. Samrat again tells them to let him cross. You wont be spared. Vrinda magically shows him the scene on the other facet of the door. Samrat calls out to Rajguru for help. who’re these humans? they’ve tied me right here. assist me please. Rajguru hears his voice and deduces that Samrat is certainly saved internal. Rajguru tries again but fails in opening the door. How can it be? Vrinda says i have placed a protect of my powers over your defend. Now you can’t enter inside Vishloka as you please. i have modified the entrances. From these days onwards, simplest individuals who I want to come back here will are available. Samrat begs for assist from Rajguru. Vrinda warns him to now not shout again or handiest his dead body will move outdoor.

Guards ask Sitara if she has visible Samrat. Sitara replies that she is the bodyguard of only one prince and now not everyone’s. Kuldeep overhears it and calls out to her. She makes a fist out of her hand. He asks her how she was speaking to the protect. He turned into handiest doing his obligation. She tells him to simplest wipe the tears of strangers. You wont see the pain your family are in. She walks away. He wonders why she is changing so much recently. What might be the reason?

Vrinda tells Rajguru that his pawn went quiet so without problems. it is time to repay you for the ache you have got given us over 20 years. whole royal family will come right here one after the other very soon. You stored us tied right here in chains for twenty years. Now the royal circle of relatives will spend their life right here in these very chains! this is my promise to you! Samrat begs Rajguru for help who assures him he’ll get him out thoroughly. He fails in his try another time even though. Vishkanya’s inform him to strive as tons as he desires to but he wont be capable of stop this storm this time. Rajguru heads to tell Ratan. Samrat panics seeing him depart.

Viraj can not apprehend what’s going on within the palace currently. looks as if someone is targeting our entire circle of relatives! If I discover who it’s far, I wont spare him! Sitara pours orange juice in a glass and provides a drop of her poison in it. i’ve best stuck Samrat in Vishloka however i can honestly kill you! i will take revenge for the way you’ve got cheated me in our friendship. Viraj continues to be pressured as to how Samrat disappeared. Sitara tells him that the whole thing might be excellent. Wrongdoers constantly get punished and harmless human beings are continually stored. Have this juice. You haven’t eaten some thing because morning! he’s taking the glass from her and is about to take a sip whilst he hears a female shouting to let move. They each cross out of doors to peer. The woman is shouting to be set free. I dint do some thing. Guards display an ornament to them which belongs to Samrat. Sitara is concerned questioning if it’s miles Albeli. The girl lifts her veil and kneels down in the front of Viraj. I dint do anything. i found it at the same time as cleansing Samrat’s room. one of the guards is about to slap her but Viraj warns him not to misbehave with a female. She must be puzzled properly even though she is at fault. leave her hand and take her to Kuldeep ji. Guards apologize to him and take her with them. Sitara wonders if he’s a saint or a satan. Viraj extends his hand to keep the glass but she drops it deliberately and leaves. Viraj is baffled by using her response.

Sitara walks closer to the south gate recalling the phrases of Vishkanya’s. She continues to be afflicted by using Viraj’s phrases. How can the man who respects girls a lot hurt my mother? a way to discover the difference among reality and lie? Kuldeep blocks her course. i will see which you are disturbed considering a few days. Are Vishkanya’s accountable for it? have you met them even when I advised you towards it? He offers her his swear. have you met them?

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