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The snake reaches Viraj’s room and inches in the direction of Viraj who is drowsing peacefully. Sitara stands by using the door. Albeli smiles searching at Viraj. This snake will kill Viraj tonight. Sitara prays Ma to solve this problem today. it’s far very essential for me to know if Viraj has killed my mother or now not! Albeli sends another snake in Viraj’s room to kill him. Sitara wonders who despatched this snake right here. Albeli wonders approximately the opposite snake. It must be sent right here by Sitara. very good Sitara! We had our hopes pined on you! both of us have despatched snakes to kill Viraj these days! you’re destined to die tonight Viraj! Albeli’s snake is set to bite Viraj whilst Sitara’s snake stands in among as his guard and fights with him. Albeli and Sitara look on in shock and confusion. Albeli wonders why Sitara’s snake is biting her snake. Why isn’t it letting my snake kill Viraj? Albeli’s snake has to crawl away. Albeli says Sitara’s snake has defeated my snake. Why does she need? Sitara understands Devi Ma’s signal. It means he is honest.

Albeli tells Vrinda that she couldn’t kill Viraj due to the fact Sitara’s snake become protecting him. perhaps the Amrit internal her is performing stronger over our poison. It isn’t letting her kill Viraj! Rajguru laughs. You get dissatisfied while you are angry and take the incorrect steps. Your anger has commenced digging your grave, Vrinda. Surili is set to attack him however Vrinda tells her in opposition to it. Rajguru asks Vrinda if she notion that she has grow to be Sitara’s mom just via giving birth to her. you suspect you may be able to inculcate poison in her and she will accept it? you have got certainly given her start but she has been raised by means of Kuldeep. She has your poison but she additionally has Kuldeep’s upbringing which is her Amrit. you can strive as lots as you need to but her ideals and upbringing wont allow you to encompass her on your thirst of revenge! Vrinda tells him that for the primary time he has said something that has made her wonder why she couldn’t consider it earlier. thank you very a great deal! We wouldn’t were in this pain if you had said this someday ago. Rajguru asks her what she manner. Vrinda replies that Sitara wont listen to her at any value. Surili asks her who she can concentrate to if now not her. Vrinda smiles.

Rattan and Kuldeep ask Sitara about Rajguru. try and recollect what befell inside. Sitara recalls chaining him in Vishloka. She finally ends up retorting that she has no idea where he’s. Kuldeep asks her if this is a manner to speak to Raja Sahab. make an apology to him proper away! Ratan calms him. He tells Sitara that she has looked after the safety of the palace and its people after Rajguru. Please allow us to realize if you are capable of discover some thing. Sitara asks him how she will be able to do it alone. Ratan requests her to forget and forgive them for the injustices that have came about together with her in this residence in the past. Maharani and i speak regularly approximately you. We always hope we had a daughter like you too. I can’t take your Baba’s region but assume me to be like your Baba best. that is your circle of relatives only. you’ve got the duty of protective it and i have complete faith in you! You wont allow whatever manifest to it. He tells Kuldeep to check every corner of the palace. We need to find Rajguru at any fee! Get the guards at the assignment too. They go away.

Viraj is checking with Viraj’s friends but no person has any clue. A girl servant blocks his direction as he turns to head. it’s far Albeli. She expands her tongue shocking Viraj.

Sitara is within the residence temple. i am in a fix. Ma wanted me to kill Viraj whilst you guided me to defend him. I cannot understand anything. Please inform me what I should do. Viraj calls out to Sitara. She is startled to peer his garments drenched in blood. He tells her to tell Dad that he does now not want to fear. i have taken a step closer to curtailing the troubles. She is stressed. He says I killed the Vishkanya who was trying to harm us. That fake girl turned into pretending to be your mom! I killed her and the female who had come together with her to kill me! i will kill every single Vishkanya’s thereby bringing peace to our circle of relatives. they’ve afflicted us sufficient however I wont spare absolutely everyone now! He starts to move when she shouts his name angrily. She is in her Vishkanya avatar. I depended on you and also you

He tells her that you deserve it. You don’t recognize approximately believe and faith. She vows to punish him for his misdeeds and captures him the usage of her powers. She holds him via his collar and takes him together with her.

Kuldeep steps outside in the corridor and sees them for that reason. What are you doing? leave him. She tells him to not are available among. I ought to are seeking for revenge from this guy for killing my mom! nobody can stop me these days. He asks her what she is speaking approximately. He recalls asking her if she has met Vishkanya’s however she had said no. You lied to me? you’ve got met Vrinda and other Vishkanya’s? She nods. I needed to take revenge for my mother’s loss of life. i’ve come to understand about all the lies you have advised me considering the fact that i used to be born! i have come to understand that i am a Vishkanya whose mother and Massi’s were held captive by means of this circle of relatives due to the fact a few years!

Kuldeep says you cheated your Baba. You need to have located the entire fact if you wanted to! Why dint you ask me? you have got started out a new conflict in your personal? i was so proud which you wont do anything wrong ever however you’ve got killed all my hopes and faith! She mocks him that these phrases don’t fit your needs. I had wish from you that you’ll inform me the fact approximately my mom and my life. You only stored me in lies. You saved me away from my mom. He attempts telling her however she does now not let him. He tells her to leave Viraj however she desires to kill him. He says i can end you if I need to I have to do that to save Viraj!

Kuldeep takes out his dagger. you might have forgotten your dharma however I haven’t! i am loyal to the royal palace and i wont let each person, including my personal daughter, harm the royal own family! She pushes him a touch thereby making his dagger fall. He loses his stability and falls down. He begs her not to damage Viraj or all and sundry from the royal circle of relatives. You don’t recognize the whole reality. She shouts that Viraj has killed her mother. I wont leave him tonight! She creates a ball of fire around him. This fire wont harm you but it’ll burn you if you try to get towards it! you’re my Baba. Don’t pressure me to take a step which we can remorse in future. Viraj will need to endure the outcomes of his misdeeds!

Precap: Sitara drags a subconscious Viraj to Vishloka. My mom’s revenge can be entire this night. i am bringing your enemy, Ma!

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