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Sitara has dragged Viraj in the residence temple. She holds Ma’s trident and tells him to get equipped to stand his dying! She stabs him.

Albeli runs to the percentage of the coolest news with Vrinda. I had hypnotised Viraj. He without a doubt repeated my phrases earlier than Sitara. He instructed her that he has killed you and me. Sitara believed him and ended up killing him out of anger! Vrinda and Surili smile while Rajguru and Samrat are greatly surprised into silence. Vrinda asks Albeli if it is real. Albeli nods. Sitara needs to be bringing his frame right here each time. Surili says we are finally getting the happiness we deserve. Vrinda nods. My daughter has made it appear!

Sitara drags a subconscious Viraj to Vishloka. Rajguru and Samrat cry seeing him for this reason. Sitara walks as much as in which Vrinda is mendacity. She holds her feet. i have fulfilled your revenge by way of killing your murderer! i am pained on the truth that you aren’t alive to see this your self Ma! we might have celebrated this victory collectively most effective in case you have been capable of witness it along with your personal eyes! Vrinda sits up startling Sitara. we are able to rejoice it collectively, Sitara! Sitara is boggled to see her alive. Rajguru says that is what i was trying to inform you. Vrinda apologizes to Sitara for this drama. It was to make you comprehend how effective you are. I desired to you comprehend which you are a Vishkanya who is destined to ruin the royal circle of relatives! you acquire stronger once I pretended to be dead! We ultimately were given our revenge! I’m in the end at peace because of you! She appears at Viraj. Why do I experience he is alive? Her eyes widen in surprise as she assessments Viraj’s pulse. She is aware that it isn’t blood but vermilion water. She looks at Sitara questioningly. Viraj continues to be alive this means that you have cheated us?

Sitara replies that Vrinda is the only who cheated her first. You lied to me and attempted to divert my thoughts. You pushed me far from human beings. i used to be seeking to kill humans! I misbehaved with elders and i even lied to Baba. I risked all and sundry’s life for your sake. I got here to you looking for motherly love however you handiest desired a person to take revenge for your behalf! maybe Devi Ma additionally dint need me to be a pawn for your fingers that’s why she gave me a touch. i was about to stab Viraj while he regarded up at me. I noticed a touch of blue colour in his eyes and understood everything. I did this drama to discover the fact. I didn’t understand that this reality could damage the hopes I had given that so many years.

The mom I loved a lot has damaged me completely. If I had killed Viraj these days then i would have never been able to face myself. Vrinda attempts to mention something but Sitara does not allow her. You lied to me and tried to make me kill innocent human beings! you did something you needed to however from now, things will take place the manner I want! i am the protector of the royal palace and royal circle of relatives from today! you may face me before accomplishing them. You won’t be able to lay your fingers on them till the time I’m status in among as their shield. it’s miles my promise. I begin my promise from now itself by taking Samrat and Rajguru with me.

Vrinda tells her towards it but Sitara tells them she will do something she wants to. nobody can stop me! Sitara frees Samrat and Rajguru in opposition to Vrinda’s desire. Vrinda makes use of her powers to attack her, however, Sitara proves out to be stronger than her! Vrinda and her sisters unite their powers and attack Rajguru. He falls unconscious. Sitara glares at them. She ties them in one pass. My poison isn’t so strong that i might kill the mom who has given beginning to me. I nonetheless recognize you. I recommend you forget about the beyond. something happened, took place 20 years ago. You won’t get whatever but ache if you may simply rub your wounds. forget everything and allow everyone to live in peace. Revenge best reasons the identical amount of pain for each the edges. I’m standing as a protect among you and the royal own family. if you attempt to hurt them even a bit then i can forget that you are my mother! Vrinda tells her she is committing a grave mistake by way of going towards her mother. Sitara says it is good that she was away from her if a mom is like her. i was raised by my Baba. This Vishkanya will keep the royal circle of relatives using her Amrit these days. She holds Viraj even as Samrat takes Rajguru with him. Vrinda shouts at her to stop however in useless.

Albeli asks Ratan wherein her son is. He has been missing seeing that goodbye and we haven’t any news of him. What if it becomes your son who had long past missing? would you have sat quietly then? Ratan tells her she is fallacious. we are searching in each corner. Yamini cries that they nonetheless haven’t any information about him. A lady servant comes to tell them that Samrat and Rajguru had been found. Rajguru isn’t properly. Ratan hurries along with her.

Sitara reveals her Baba mendacity subconscious. She douses the hearth and continues his head in her lap. Your Sitara is here Baba. Please open your eyes. he is nevertheless unconscious. She drops her teardrop to make him aware. Kuldeep asks Sitara about Viraj. She assures him he’s pleasant. he’s resting in his room. He asks her about what she had stated to him. She folds her fingers and apologizes to him. I should have listened to you. Vishkanya’s handiest understand the way to cheat humans and take advantage of them. They don’t recognize relations. I’m mad. You gave me a lot of love. My search for motherly love gave them a bonus. They proved you a liar in front of me through telling me I’m a Vishkanya. i used to be an idiot to trust them. Please forgive me. I hurt you. He tells her against it. I need to have instructed you the reality lengthy in the past. Vrinda is aware of you are emotional. She became trying to utilize it. Don’t cry. simply keep in mind that you and i are the protectors of this royal own family. we have an obligation to guard them at any value. She agrees to fulfil this obligation to her remaining breath. They proportion a hug.

Precap:- Sitara apologizes to a subconscious Viraj. Her tear falls on his face. He gains conscious and is surprised to peer her leaning over him. She enables him to sit down. The percentage an eye lock. Vrinda and her sisters manipulate to get out of the thriller doors / Vishloka. Vrinda shouts for revenge.

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