Vish ya amrit Sitara 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update
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Vrinda telling Sitara she must be curious to realize how all this befell. I am as keen to answer you. could you like to listen to me out? Sitara thinks she might be up to some thing once more. I will pay attention to her even though to discover about her plan. That night time we realised that it would be not possible for us to win against you. We standard our defeat and went to Matamata. Flashback indicates Mahamata asking the Vishkanya’s if the simplest need to are seeking revenge for Kalindi’s demise. They nod in unison. Sitara is the impediment in our direction. Vrinda requests her to assist them are trying to find their revenge. We can’t win from Sitara. Please help us in our venture. Mahamata agrees but maintains a condition – you all have to die for that. I can then convey you again to lifestyles. Surili asks her why they should die. Vrinda says human beings realize that a Vishakanya dies handiest when she desires to and might never return. once we’re useless, Rajvanshi’s will forget the whole thing approximately our existence. Mahamata provides that then they could enter within the palace with brand new identification. Vrinda thank you her for solving their hassle. we are able to sacrifice our lives willingly in front of you proper away. Flashback ends.

Vrinda tells Sitara she always felt awful which you grew up but I never played any recreation with you. I think the time is beyond however we are able to nevertheless do what we need. Why don’t we play recreation? She makes Sitara take a seat subsequent to her. Mahashivratri is due in 3 days. if you apprehend our project within the subsequent 3 days then I swear upon you that we can go away from here quietly. We won’t trouble each person. in case you fail then I promise you we won’t spare an unmarried member of the royal family you selected over us! you have got three days. Do something you need to. find out our plan if you can and shop your royal circle of relatives! Surili tells Sitara she won’t get this hazard again. Albeli tells her to say sure. you would possibly regret it in any other case. Sitara accepts the venture. i can discover your plan in three days. Devi Ma is with me. She won’t permit me to lose ever. She turns to head whilst Albeli tells her sister she is setting too much burden on a bit female. We ought to supply her a few clues. She might not receive us as her Massi’s but we take into account her our daughter. She gives a clue to Sitara – a coin. Chabeeli calls it a small gift from their stop. Sitara leaves. Vrinda says it will be amusing to play this sport now.

Sitara wonders what mystery this coin holds. She drops it while looking close to it. It rolls over and falls near Viraj’s feet. They bend right down to pick it however Viraj proves out to be quicker than her. He thanks you the coin for bringing Sitara nearer. She wasn’t even looking at her. She says it’s far nothing. He asks her about the coin. She lies that Baba gave it for Mahashivratri’s puja. He forgot to inform me how to use it and that i forgot to invite him. Even Rajguru isn’t right here. I don’t understand a way to use it. Will you assist me? He without problems consents. He seems at it through a magnifying glass but does no longer find something. She asks him if he remembers the phrase Vishkanya. He nods. I keep in mind that they were a part of our lives and had been very close to us. I also know a mystery. you’re a Vishkanya. She is greatly surprised. Do you recall it? He laughs. I’m sorry i was just teasing you. I’m a Sheshnaag in case you are a Vishkanya! What age are you dwelling in? permit’s pass returned in those avatars and act like Sheshnaag and Vishkanya. Ratan comes there just then and asks Sitara to make preparations for a party to welcome their guests. She concurs. Ratan excuses himself. Sitara thinks it to be a very good chance to around her mother and Massi’s. i would find out something extra.

Yamini tells her husband (Arjun) she feels he isn’t that specialize in her these days. I suppose my pores and skin has to turn out to be dull. Albeli says girls age quicker than guys. Arjun ji looks so hot and dashing. He does no longer appear like the father of a grown-up boy. Yamini holds her husband’s hand and takes go away from Albeli.

anybody has amassed for the birthday celebration. Viraj ends his name as Ratan introduces his visitors to all of us. Vrinda thinks to begin this birthday celebration in their fashion. They dance on Aksar Is Duniya Mein. all the women walk next to the male individuals of the royal own family at some point of the dance. Sitara sings some words and walks around Viraj in between. Chabeeli dances with Aryan. Albeli pairs up with Samrat. Surili dances with Arjun and Vrinda dance with Ratan. a person hits Sitara at some stage in the dance. The coin falls down and rolls until outdoor. Viraj wonders wherein she is off to. it is a lunar eclipse. She can’t find the coin anywhere because it turns dark abruptly. by the time the sky is clear again, there is a spark/light inside the coin. Sitara notices it. She selections the coin and appears up. It has modified. What sort of a signal is it? Viraj joins her just then. Why is there a solar etched at the coin? Sitara smiles realising what it method. he is still stressed as to how it’s going to help in the puja. Arjun asks Viraj to return internal for the birthday celebration. Viraj tries to preclude him but Arjun takes him interiorly. Sitara thinks what if Vishkanya’s need to grow their strength with the assist of Surya Dev and assault on the royal circle of relatives. Why would Surya Dev help them though? Vrinda claps for her. you are too smart. You located out your solution from the clue so soon!

Sitara asks her mother what solar has to do with her riddle. Vrinda says it won’t be amusing if you tell it now. this is the first alphabet of our riddle. find out the relaxation and entire your quest. think about the English phrase for Surya. be part of them and do something asap to keep your Viraj and the royal family. You lack time. Sitara asks her why she has to believe her. Vrinda replies that they may be Vishkanya’s and now not human beings. We never damage our guarantees. just entire my assignment and we can depart quietly. The clock is ticking now. You need to suppose fast. She walks away. Sitara thinks to complete the riddle asap.

The written episode of 1 March 2019 Vish ya amrit Sitara episode update online story ends.

Precap: Upcoming Vish ya amrit Sitara episode update Sitara asks a lady servant approximately Viraj. She is advised that he is in the kitchen along with her. Sitara hopes they don’t trouble him. She runs to the kitchen and reveals Viraj consoling Surili. Surili and Sitara take a look at each different


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