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Lights go off suddenly. Ratan asks Kuldeep to see what passed off. Kuldeep asks guards to test what occurred and goes in another course. Vishkanya’s input as dancers and dances on Ramleela song. Vrinda looks at Viraj.

Sitara does no longer discover her mother or Massi’s in the Vishloka. She runs to inform Kuldeep.

Vrinda takes out her dagger. Albeli, Chabeeli and Surili maintain dancing. Viraj’s eyes are looking for Sitara. Vrinda puts poison at the dagger the use of her tongue.

Sitara asks a protect if he saw four ladies coming inside the palace or across the palace. He stocks that he dint see them however there are 4 dancers who are performing inner. Sitara wonders if it’s for her mother and Massi’s.

Nethra reveals Viraj misplaced. He excuses himself to go to the restroom.

Samrat asks Sitara

wherein she turned into. I’ve been seeking out her. She begins to reply to him while she notices Vrinda throwing the dagger in Viraj’s direction. She shouts out to him and runs to shop him. She holds the dagger along with her naked hand. Kuldeep stands as a shield between the alternative individuals of the royal family and Vishkanya’s. Sitara says I advised you no longer to even reflect on consideration on it but Vrinda tells her she won’t be able to stop her nowadays. Viraj’s time is up! Kuldeep additionally warns her to stay away from the royal own family or she will be able to regret it. Sitara gives him her swear as he refuses to go away. Take everyone interior. Nethra requests Viraj to come but he refuses. Sitara also tells him to move however in vain. Vrinda uses this possibility and throws him excessive in air. He falls down and is harm. Sitara’s eyes flip blue. Sitara and Vrinda get into a duel. Vrinda is pushed behind. Her sisters rush to ehr. Vrinda warns her not to force her to hurt the daughter she loves the most. Sitara tells her she has pressured her to choose among her mother and obligation. I’m a Rajput. A Rajput can kill herself for her obligation. She choices a sword in each of her palms. Sitara hurts her Massi’s the instant they are attempting to harm her. She manages to tie Vrinda additionally. Vrinda again tells her not to act stubborn. there is nevertheless time. give Viraj to me. Sitara tells her that she cannot harm the royal own family till the time she is alive. i am the protector of royal own family! Do something you have to but you won’t prevail! Vrinda shouts and frees herself however Sitara manages to push her at the floor thereby overpowering her. She objectives her sword round Vrinda’s neck. depart from here or i’m able to do something which we can regret our entire life! Vishkanya’s disappearing.
Sitara heals Viraj’s wound using her powers. She attempts getting up however is pulled lower back as her saree is caught beneath his pillow. She caresses his head. I vowed to defend you however i can are trying to find revenge to your wound now. I won’t permit Vishkanya’s come close to you. Kuldeep tells her he is with her int his. She asks about the royal own family. He assures her that everybody is first-rate. Viraj wakes up with a start. Is my own family exceptional? Kuldeep advises him to rest but Viraj desires to realize who the ones women are. I can’t see them finish my circle of relatives right in front of my eyes! Sitara gives him she swear so that you can prevent him. i will inform you about the one’s ladies. they may be our enemies and need to complete the entire royal circle of relatives. I don’t understand the purpose but we will fight with them till the remaining drop of blood. You consider me this an awful lot proper? He nods.

Rani Sa tells her husband she won’t be able to live without her son. He assures her that he will no longer let something happen to all and sundry. I promise you I won’t allow Vishkanya’s harm all and sundry. He prays that Rajguru gains conscious quickly. handiest he can discover an option to this. His brother and Yamini ask them in which they ought to go. We aren’t safe in our personal houses. Samrat seconds them. Vishkanya’s have escaped now. Ratan tells every person he’ll ensure nobody is positive. Sitara supports him. i’m able to combat for you all as your protect. They won’t come close to you till the time i am right here! Ratan thank you her. until now, your Baba has been protective us however now you are also with him. we are able to be ceaselessly thankful to you. She calls it her obligation. You shouldn’t thank me. He blesses her to be successful. Nethra appears disenchanted.

Sitara is looking for her Baba. I must meet him. She stumbles in her step when Vrinda holds her. thanks. She is startled to peer Vrinda there. I told you to allow everybody stay in peace but you’re stubborn! You don’t listen to everybody. you are forgetting that i am your daughter and i’ve inherited your stubbornness. i cannot spare you if you try and harm the royal family ever again! Vrinda calls her Kuldeep’s shadow. you are crazy about obligation and dharma similar to your father. It is ideal although. I’ve saved a check for you. Do where your Baba is? he is in a cemetery proper now. while we’re talking, i’m ensuring he’s buried alive inside the cemetery!

Chabeeli throws dirt over Kuldeep.

Sitara calls it a lie however Vrinda demanding situations her to see for herself. take into account that the instant you step out of this residence, i will rein terror at the royal family! you are a daughter and a protector of the royal family. you need to decide if you’ll fulfil your responsibility or dharma. Sitara starts to head toward the door however stops in surprise. how will you do this? he is my Baba and your husband! You have to admire at least one relation. Baba is proper. My mother is lifeless. A selfish lady such as you can’t be my mom! Baba and Maharaj did the proper thing with you inside the beyond. They tied you in the beyond handiest but I swear upon my mom, i will write your demise if you try to damage all and sundry! Vrinda asks her why she is so angry. You shouldn’t be stricken by means of any of this as this doesn’t challenge you! You must most effective reflect consideration on your Baba. bad Kuldeep, he will be buried alive in the cemetery! Sitara refuses to allow something to happens to Baba. Vrinda says you will lose your Baba very quickly. You simply stated your mother is lifeless. lamentably, you’ll additionally lose your Baba very quickly as you are geared up to sacrifice him to shield the royal own family. I sense so awful for Kuldeep. He has to be sad questioning how he raised a daughter who will select the royal own family over him in his time of want! I won’t be a really perfect mom however you are also now not well worth calling a perfect daughter!

Precap:- Sitara is searching out Kuldeep. Chabeeli has covered Kuldeep neck deep in dirt. She drops her blood near Kuldeep. Even in case, you survive from this grave, the wild animals won’t will let you stay. they will odour it and find you! She throws dust over his face as well. Sitara stops in her tracks.

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