Vish Ya Amrit Sitara 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The palace is embellished for navratre puja. Sitara brings Mahabhog but Lakshmi stops her. most effective people can pray to Devi Ma. i will offer it to Ma. You must leave! Sitara nods unluckily. She quietly steps away from there. She is surprised to look Viraj there and takes him together with her. She brings him to shop room. I want your help for something vital. Will you assist me? I assume a person is making an attempt to make you Vishpurush. I simply need evidence! he’s puzzled. What are you pronouncing? What are you doing? She ties him with ropes. Please forgive me for what i’m about to do. you will be in a touch pain however please endure it to save yourself from the worst. He asks her what she means. She asks him if he trusts her. He nods. I notion we will live the thankfully ever after tale after wedding however we ended up within the net of Vishkanya’s and Vishpurush come what may. I want it to be everyday like before. She promises him that the whole thing may be excellent. He asks her to return close. She nods. They pay attention humans chanting outdoor. Sitara attempts to excuse herself however he asks her to vow him she can in no way leave him. we can begin our happily circle of relatives phase as soon as the whole lot is satisfactory! She recalls her promise to Lakshmi ultimate night. Viraj asks her to vow him that they may be collectively all the time. She nods. wherein will i’m going with out you? She hugs him. I should pass. all and sundry ought to be looking forward to me in Jagran. She ties him well before she steps out of the store room.

Diya gets down from her pram. She steps at the water due to which the crimson colour leaves marks in the back of her.

everybody is singing bhajans. Sitara is in tears. A lady pats at her shoulder. Sitara claps alas throughout the puja. Diya is walking even as protecting the walls.

Vrinda tells her sisters that Sitara will try to attack them as their reality is out. Albeli concurs. Diya will whole her task nowadays. Viraj will get his powers very quickly. he’ll then be capable of face Sitara!

Diya maintains strolling ignorant of the footprints she is leaving in the back of. Viraj notices a shadow at the floor and wonders who’s there.

Sitara comes to her room and the pram is empty. She follows the trail of footsteps. She reaches shop room as nicely and notices Diya protecting Viraj’s hand. he is in his Vishpurush avatar and growling. Diya’s contact has infected him all of the more. She snatches Diya out of his palms. Viraj / Vishpurush storms out of there. Diya becomes small leeches and disappears. Sitara shouts in pain. Padmini reaches there just then. She brings salt water upon Sitara’s askance and pours it on Sitara. Sitara thank you her for saving her on time. Diya changed into no regular female. Vishkanya’s took gain of my goodness. They dint spare a child even! She sends Padmini downstairs. I should cross and pray to store Viraj from becoming a Vishpurush!

Vrinda shouts in anger. Sitara finished Diya after finding out her reality! i will see how Sitara may be happy triumphing small video games. i can see till whilst she will combat!

Sitara has changed and joins Padmini in the jagrata. She thanks Devi Ma for destroying Diya. i hope all of the bad spirits will also go away our house soon! She goes to search for Viraj.

Vrinda guarantees her sisters that simplest they’ll win this time. Surili asks her how this is viable. How do we put together Viraj to fight with Sitara now? Vrinda assures them that they simplest will win this time. i will weaken Sitara at any value by using the end of navratre! Viraj joins them. Vrinda tells Albeli and Surili to cover Viraj at an area in which Sitara can’t find him. They preserve him from each aspect and are surrounded with the aid of vermilion. Viraj, Albeli and Surili can not cross that circle. They surprise wherein it got here from. Sitara steps ahead. Albeli cries for assist. Vrinda creates a passage for her sisters to step out competently. they may be harm even though. Sitara smirks. I instructed you I wont will let you prevail! i will flip Viraj into a human before navratre ends! Vrinda holds her by means of her throat angrily and lifts her excessive in air. Sitara throws the relaxation of the vermilion in her eyes. Vrinda shouts in surprise / ache. Blood oozes out of her eyes. The idol is driven returned in the manner. Sitara walks out conserving Viraj.visitors compliment the preps and take go away from Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks for Viraj and Sitara. Sitara comes with Viraj / Vishpurush simply then. Lakshmi’s eyes widen in shock.

Precap: Lakshmi receives worried seeing Viraj in that avatar but he growls at her. He next attacks Sitara. He digs his nails in her flesh.


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