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Vrinda requests Mahamata to let her kill Sitara. Mamata asks her if she is aware of what she is requesting. Vrinda nods. I need to kill her that allows you to acquire what I want. Mahamata shares that a Vishkanya can handiest kill herself when she desires to. As an only exception, it’s miles most effective her mother who can kill her however she will be able to do this most effective as soon as in her lifetime. I grant you this one threat. She offers a dagger to Vrinda. Vrinda feedback that this could manifest for the first time in records. A mom will kill her own daughter nowadays! it’ll take place for the primary time that the only who gave birth turns into the purpose of death! I could be the motive of your loss of life these days! Be ready to die!

Sitara is strolling teary-eyed recalling Viraj’s inspiration. I additionally love you very a good deal however I cannot say sure for this relation. Please forgive me if viable. Kuldeep notices her for this reason and asks her if she is excellent. She cries hugging him. Viraj wants to marry me however i’m a Vishkanya! We cannot be collective! Kuldeep says this is what i was involved approximately. I knew these days might come. i will truly see it in Viraj’s eyes how a good deal he loves you. I additionally know which you love him too. I apprehend something you sense. It isn’t proper or possible. Your duty is above your love however you need to fulfil it with a grin. She nods. i will say no to Viraj. it is going to be proper for him and for the royal family! She leaves.

Viraj involves his room. it’s miles dim lit. He notices a reflection there and thinks it to be Sitara. Why are you now not announcing whatever? I are aware of it turned into very surprising for you but accept as true with me, I suggest every word that I stated just now not. i really like you very a great deal and that i understand you adore me too. i’m wondering why you aren’t announcing anything. I don’t apprehend why you’re silent. if you are quiet because of Nethra then allow me let you know that I were given into that relation most effective for the sake of my mother and father. i’ve in no way cherished her. I simplest love you. He kneels down and holds out the hoop toward her. Will you marry me? lighting fixtures come on and he notices Nethra status there in preference to Sitara. You? Nethra says you like Sitara right. You never cherished me? She shouts at him and pulls him by means of his collar. How dare you try this to me? we’re engaged and approximately to marry soon and you are presenting Sitara? What did I lack that you liked that servant? what is so special approximately that low-class servant? He increases his hand warning her to prevent. mind your language. i really like Sitara and that i won’t hear another word in opposition to her! I realize it is incorrect but that is the reality. I agreed for this relation handiest because of mothers and fathers however I can’t drag this lie any in addition. i’m sorry. He eliminates his engagement ring and returns it to her. She looks at him in surprise as he utters it’s over and walks out of the room.

Sitara is taking walks lamentably inside the hall. it is going to be very tough to mention no to Viraj. it’ll smash him however I don’t have any different alternative. She turns and hears the sound of someone giggling. It feels like Ma and Massi. She heads inside the path from in which the voice is coming. She calls out to Vrinda. I realize you all are round. there may be no factor hiding. pop out! Chabeeli comes there protecting a torch. Sitara asks her why they’re here now. Chabeeli asks her in the event that they need her permission to move anywhere. Sitara tells her not to be adamant. You can not harm everybody until i am right here. Chabeeli tells her to stop being proud. you are on my own. until when you may store them from us? Sitara replies that she can do it until her closing breath. that i am enough for all 4 of you! Vrinda comes from behind with Surili and Albeli. Vrinda thinks it’s miles worst for a mother to kill her own daughter however you dint depart any alternative with me. She stabs Sitara in her returned shocking Sitara. Sitara falls down. Ma? Vrinda says i’m simply a Vishkanya nowadays. A Vishkanya never forgets her revenge. She does not care approximately any relation when it comes to searching for revenge. Albeli and Surili say we informed you not to go in opposition to us however you didn’t pay heed to us. you are paying along with your existence for strangers. Vrinda says you wouldn’t have met this destiny in case you had listened to me. You lost your lifestyles for the one’s strangers! You cheated your mother for them! You most effective were given death in return. Rajvanshi’s have snatched the whole thing from me till date however now I’m able to are trying to find revenge for each unmarried discomfort that they’ve given made us undergo. i will kill them one after the other now! Vrinda and her sisters walk away. Sitara writhes in ache.

Vrinda and her sister’s input in Ratan’s room. he’s startled to peer them and selections his sword. Chabeeli tells him they’ve removed his protect out of their manner. how are you going to save yourself now? He needs to recognize what they did to Sitara. Vrinda stocks that she has killed her daughter. Ratan is greatly surprised. Vrinda says it wasn’t my daughter, however, your protector you become standing in my way to you. I’m geared up to overlook each relation so that you can take my revenge from you! Get ready to die!

Sitara crawls / drags herself to the residence temple. I won’t let those Vishkanya’s be successful. I ought to get inside the palace and keep the royal own family. I’m their protector. I won’t permit something to take place to them. Please assist me Ma. She winces in pain.

Ratan tells the Vishkanya’s he can nonetheless fight with them. Vrinda makes him drop his sword and lifts him high in air using her powers. where is your will to fight? how are you going to fight with us? you’ve got lost! You can not do something. no one will come to save you nowadays. Your sport is over! She throws him down angrily.

Sitara asks Devi Ma to assist her. She passes out.

Precap: Vrinda has stuck Ratan in chains. that is how you kept us for the past twenty years! i will kill you these days! She raises her hand in air but Sitara holds her attack mid-air. today a daughter will kill her mother! Vrinda is greatly surprised.


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