Vish ya amrit Sitara 27th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Sitara Tells Her Truth To Viraj

Vish ya amrit Sitara 27th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vrinda fails in knowledge of how Sitara is stored on every occasion. only one thing is to be accomplished now as we can not win from her on this birth. She requests Mahamata to guide them. we’ve got lost! Mahamata seems there. you have lost in every choice which you have made until date. we will need to attempt for the final time today only. it’s far an auspicious day today. They ask her what they ought to do. Mahamata asks them to sacrifice their lives proper away.

Yamini involves Nethra’s room to name her for puja however unearths her packing her luggage. Nethra tells her now Sitara will do puja with Viraj. Yamini is stressed. what is the problem? Why are you crying? Nethra shares that Viraj has proposed Sitara for the wedding ceremony. He desires to marry her and no longer me! He loves Sitara and now not me! Nethra cries. Yamini turns her round. Viraj

will simplest marry the girl we want him to marry. Don’t fear. just loosen up and watch the drama. I won’t lose so easily and won’t permit you to surrender! it’ll happen just the way we have planned. There might be a blast within the Mahapuja nowadays for positive.

Mahapuja begins. Viraj tells his mother and father he wishes to inform them something vital. Ratan asks him to move beforehand. Sitara attempts to tell Viraj in opposition to it but Viraj insists it is an auspicious day today. allow me do it. Pundit ji interrupts their convo and asks them to sit down for the puja. Sitara tells Viraj she also has to sit down inside the puja. Viraj comes to a decision to inform his dad and mom after the puja.

Vrinda says yes to Mahamata’s demand. We couldn’t take revenge for our sister’s loss of life. what is the purpose of our lifestyles then? we can sacrifice our lives right away. She receives her dagger. She slits the wrists of her sisters one at a time and then slits her personal wrist as Mahamata looks on. Vrinda and her sisters are in tears.

Sitara pays her respects to Kali Ma. Viraj’s eyes are pinned on her. Sitara recollects Vrinda’s words approximately her being a Vishkanya’s daughter. i like Viraj simply as much as he loves me but I can not accept his love. Our past love can be incomplete. I’m able to have to break his heart and mine! She appears at Viraj. you have got taken a totally massive check today. I’m sure you will get me out of this hassle now which you have put me in it. I’m going to take a totally huge step these days. Please assist me. She dances to thrill Devi Ma.

Thunder strikes. Albeli falls down at the ground accompanied with the aid of Surili and Chabeeli. Vrinda looks at her sisters, unfortunately.

Sitara keeps her dance. everyone claps as it ends.

Vrinda apologizes to Kalindi for now not being able to are seeking for revenge on her behalf. I couldn’t fulfil the promise I had made to you. I couldn’t fulfil my responsibility. She says Jai Mahamata just earlier than she passes out at the floor. Mahamata seems at them.

Viraj enables Sitara stand. Are you okay? She nods. He asks her to come back as a way to tell everyone about them. She takes him apart to tell him something. Viraj asks Sitara why they’re wasting time. let’s tell all and sundry about our choice. She tells him she cannot love him. I can not marry you. He asks her what she is announcing. I recognize you like me. You cannot hide this from me. I don’t recognize why you don’t desire to marry me. inform me what the trouble is. I’m able to handle the entirety. She tells him that she is a Vishkanya. Viraj seems at her in surprise. Please be reasonable. you watched it will accept as true with whatever you may inform me. I’m able to tell each person we’re to marry. She stops him and gives to prove it to him. She produces a snake the use of her powers. The snake bites her tongue however she isn’t harmed. The snake disappears. Did you notice that not anything happened to me? i am more toxic than this snake! he is still in disbelief. You can not be a Vishkanya! She is available in her Vishkanya avatar. this is my fact. there’s poison in every vein internal me. I cannot live a normal lifestyle. I may try as a good deal as I want to however i will in no way change my truth! I’m your protector. I’m able to by no means be your accomplice. She returns to her everyday avatar. Viraj looks at her stunned. Sitara tells him that is their future. it will likely be higher in case you forget about me and marry Nethra as an alternative. we will in no way be collective. She walks away teary-eyed.

Sitara asks Ma why she made her sense of love when she wasn’t destined to be with him. Why did you have got to interrupt my heart? Pundit ji tells her to have confidence in Ma. she will handiest do what’s excellent for you. Sitara wipes her tears. Kuldeep gives her Prasad. i am going to our Kuldevta temple for some days. She asks him why he goes abruptly. He shows religion on her. you’ll manage the whole lot in my absence. i am going to hope for this own family’s properly being only. Sitara asks him who will handle her. Ratan offers to attend to her. He tells Kuldeep to take care. My VIP guest is coming from abroad but you are going away. Kuldeep assures him he’s going to explain everything to guards. Sitara notices Viraj looking at her in shock

Nethra stops Sitara. Do you suspect you’re too clever? Do you suspect you may be capable of taking my Viraj from me with the aid of your tantrums? you’re incorrect! allow me to inform you truly that he’s mine. he will marry me best. I won’t let any of your magic work on him. My name is Nethra! you’re appearing this low key handiest for cash right? You want to be the DIL of a wealthy house right? move beforehand. there are so many wealthy men within the international. go and trap them but not Viraj or i can ruin you! Sitara warns her to forestall. now not some other phrase! matters aren’t the manner you think they’re. apprehend one factor in reality. Viraj is only yours. I promise you that your Viraj can be with you. you’ll marry Viraj most effective. She holds Nethra’s hand and offers her this promise.

Precap: Vrinda and her sister come to the royal palace.


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