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Vrinda is bowled over to peer Sitara coming toward her but tells her it is right that she came here. I can not combat with you as you are my daughter. Sitara nods. you may defeat your self. I don’t want to combat with you. Vrinda is at a loss for words. Sitara throws her dupatta towards her and it becomes a department. The branch strangles Vrinda. Sitara says you put your special powers in it to stop me. Now the ones very powers will prevent you. Vrinda struggles for breath. Sitara tells her she has known as problem upon herself. I nonetheless have five mins to fulfil my vow!

Viraj completes the round and sits down for the ultimate ritual.

Sitara steps within the Vishloka stunning Chabeeli. They stand dealing with every different. Chabeeli smiles looking on the clock. You best have 5 minutes left. In those 5 mins, I wont say what you need me to! you have lost. Sitara appears on the clock with a bit of luck. Chabeeli says no one else, not even a Vishkanya, can kill any other Vishkanya until the time she chooses it for herself. I wont dedicate suicide or say the ones phrases as I have to maintain you away for simply five extra minutes. Sitara assaults her the use of daggers but Chabeeli saves herself. Chabeeli creates a wall of stone in the front of her to thrust back her attacks. She notices the time and steps ahead confidently. it’s miles 6:14 PM. You can’t harm me now. As according to the guess, it is you who has to die now! They start attacking every different. Chabeeli assaults her using a Vajra. a tumbler wall saves Sitara however the Vajra comes back toward Chabeeli and slits her throat. Chabeeli looks at Sitara.

Vishkanya’s are stunned to look Chabeeli’s circumstance and rush to her. Sitara tells Chabeeli she dint kill her. Your foolishness has killed you! You had sinned sufficient and you purchased trapped. Albeli asks her how it befell. Sitara says there’s nonetheless time for sunset. I had grew to become the clock in advance magically to make Chabeeli Massi careless. She fell in the entice. Surili calls it dishonest. Sitara says I fulfilled my promise and were given Baba Sa’s wrongdoer punished. She leaves from there.

Vrinda tells her sister she may be satisfactory. Chabeeli is having problem breathing. Please forgive me. I fell susceptible. Vrinda cries. Don’t say so. i am sorry I could not defend you. Albeli and Surili are crying as nicely. Chabeeli breathes her final. Vrinda shouts in surprise. Please wake up, Chabeeli! Surili and Albeli hold Vrinda. She left us.

Pundit ji tells Viraj to immerse Ratan’s ashes inside the water. Viraj does as informed. Rani Sa cries and holds her son. Viraj is instructed to immerse this water wherein the ashes of their other ancestors’ have been immersed.

Sitara tells Ratan she has punished his murderer before his ashes have been immersed.

Vrinda caresses Chabeeli’s face. Sleep properly my angel. Surili and Albeli positioned a coffin there. Surili tells Albeli to be strong. Albeli asks her sister why they are doing the closing rites of a Vishkanya. Vrinda says you do know what takes place if we light the pyre of a Vishkanya. Albeli nods. They placed Chabeeli’s frame within the glass coffin. Surili lighting the pyre the use of her powers. They bid their sister a tearful adieu. Vrinda remembers Sitara’s words. She shouts Chabeeli’s name in suffering / ache. i’m able to take revenge for your loss of life! Sitara has killed my sister. She will be punished for this misdeed! You snatched my sister from me! i’m able to take revenge from you in the worst way viable. save yourself if you may!

Vishkanya’s pray to Mahamata to bless them with the electricity to kill their sisters’ killer. I wont let Sitara stay. you’ll must guide me. Leeches seem in front of Mahamata’s idol. They cowl / chew Vrinda from top to toe. Vrinda is in ache but manages to stay calm. She removes them one by one from her body in a pot saved close by. Vrinda offers the pot to Mahamata. She tells Surili to look after the pot the complete night time and chant a mantra during the time. Surili has the same opinion. What are you up to? Vrinda tells her she will find out on the proper time. You cannot pass over even a second. Surili nods. Albeli is also curious but Vrinda shows them to watch for the right time. They fold fingers before Mahamata in reverence.

Precap: Vrinda is chanting a mantra. The pot starts shaking suddenly. Surili seems intently and a infant smiles at her.


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