Vish ya amrit Sitara 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Sitara Drinks Poison

Vish ya amrit Sitara 5th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vrinda compliments Sitara for being so quick. Sitara says you gave me the clue however inform me if that is sufficient or there is extra to it. Vrinda says i am your mom but I wont spoon feed you the entirety. do some hard work. i used to be wondering that you are smart but you don’t paintings tough. you’ve got time handiest till tomorrow. What in case you are unable to think of it by way of the next day? Sitara is positive she can remedy the riddle and throw them out. Vrinda advises her to attention on locating out their challenge. She heads inner. Surili asks Vrinda why she is challenging Sitara and giving her clues herself. Vrinda says she has chased us plenty. it is our flip now. She is a very smart and sharp girl. she can discover about our mission subsequently. it’s far better to ship her on a route on which we will twist her according to our mission.

She becomes a hazard for us if she unearths out about it earlier than deliberate. Surili is concerned that Sitara might clear up the riddle however Vrinda is assured that Sitara wont succeed.

Rani Sa tells the women approximately the ingredients required for puja. Sitara comes with the substances simply then. Ratan addresses each person. Sant Ghori will go to us these days like each year. he’ll preserve a paath. Vishkanya’s panic. Surili asks Vrinda if she knew approximately this. is this why you gave that clue to Sitara? Vrinda declines. Padmini asks Ratan why this Sant comes right here every 12 months. Why do you get so happy each time he visits us? Ratan replies that he can examine all and sundry’s faces and determine out what is going on in their minds. He can find out the evil in everyone’s hearts. Vishkanya’s panic that this might motive difficulty for them. Sitara wonders if this Sant is connected to the clue given to her by means of Vrinda.

Sitara paces questioning about the Sant. everyone has forgotten approximately Vishkanya’s however what if this Sant is capable of parent out that i’m a Vishkanya. I might be thrown out of the house! however what if he is the clue i have been looking for? What need to I do? Viraj comes there. He stocks that all the women have saved rapid for their husbands. it’s miles stated that with this rapid one receives a husband like Shiv ji. Dint you maintain this fast? She tells him she does not consider in such matters. She turns to head but he holds her hand. you are acting bizarre due to the fact that a few days. You dint even react to my concept. what’s going on? She attempts to free her hand however he does now not permit her move. Don’t inform me you don’t love me. I recognize the reality. what is the problem? She tells him that love isn’t always the whole lot. There are obligations too and that i can’t flip my face far from them! pronouncing so, she walks out of the room.

Ratan tests on the preps and asks a servant to be prepared to welcome Sant ji. Sitara thinks to make certain Sant ji is not able to discover that she is a Vishkanya. Ratan asks Vrinda and her sisters in which they are off to. Vrinda lies that they’re going to a particular temple (atop a hill) for puja. Yamini points out that that is Devi Ma’s temple. it is Bholenath’s day nowadays. Rani Sa advises them to move there the following day. Ratan additionally asks them to live for the puja. Sitara and Viraj 2d them. Samrat provides that this is a very big puja of their house. you’ll pass over lots in case you miss this puja. Vishkanya’s are caught.

They listen Sant ji’s voice and go to welcome him. Sant ji walks in the direction of the palace observed by means of a small procession of Aghori’s. Ratan and Rani Sa greet Sant ji and welcome him internal. Sitara peeks at them from some distance. Sant ji stops outside the doorway for a moment. Ratan asks him why he stopped in his tracks. Sant ji shares that a large danger is looming in this palace. someone is plotting a huge sport. a person does no longer want to peer the royal own family happy. Albeli says he dint step interior and understood the whole lot already. Chabeeli says we should now not come earlier than him. Sitara too thinks to keep away from coming earlier than him but she is certain by way of her obligation. I ought to now not be frightened of Vishkanya’s will by no means leave. Ratan asks Sant ji approximately the hazard. Sant ji tells him he will discover the whole lot after the night puja. He chants a shloka. Vishkanya’s wonder what they will do now. Sant ji steps inside the palace.

Chabeeli tells Vrinda to do some thing. He should no longer recognise our reality. Ratan invites them for the puja. Vrinda feigns a stomach ache. Ratan leaves them on my own to look after Vrinda.

Padmini asks Sitara to come downstairs for the puja. Sitara asks her if the guests are coming inside the puja. Padmini denies. Vrinda ji is unwell so Bade Papa permit her relaxation. Her sisters can even stay along with her. Sitara smiles. cross in advance. i’m able to be part of you soon. Padmini nods and goes. Sitara wonders what she ought to do now.

Vrinda decides to kill Sant before the paath ends. we will be able to disguise our identity then most effective. They ask her how it’ll be done. Vrinda tells them to return along with her. i can display you.

Sant ji is telling the Halahal story to anyone. Aghori tells Rani Sa to get raw milk for Baba. His throat becomes dry at the same time as talking. Rani Sa says he must be on rapid nowadays. Aghori tells her that he fasts each day. He might want it. Rani Sa asks him to return with her. Vrinda and her sisters overhear it. Vrinda thinks to use the milk to kill the old guy. She adds her poison inside the uncooked milk. Rani Sa and Aghori are still on their way to kitchen.

Rani Sa gives the bowl to Aghori who includes it outside. Vishkanya’s are hiding at the back of the curtains. Rani Sa misses seeing them and walks out.

Sitara comes downstairs. Vrinda and her sisters also stand at a distance. Sitara notices the poison inside the milk. Sant ji coughs at the same time as speaking. Vrinda asks Sitara if she is trapped in her personal recreation now. what’s going to you do? if you go in the front of him then your fact could be out in open. in case you don’t, then he’ll die. you have very much less time. you have to act rapid. If Sant ji liquids that milk then he turns into a story himself. Sant ji is ready to drink it but Sitara takes the bowl from him and gulps it down. each person appears on in surprise.

Precap: Sitara tells Viraj he’s sure to marry Nethra. You need to marry her. He firmly tells her he most effective loves her. I wont marry everybody else. Later, Sitara dances on Sanson ki Mala tune in front of every body.


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