Vish ya amrit Sitara Written Update 4th March 2019: Sitara Finds Her Next Clue

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Viraj is in the corridor whilst he notices someone hiding. He calls out if there may be someone. Surili steps out as he pulls her hand. She falls in his fingers. He makes her stand. She apologizes to him. He asks her why she changed into hiding with the plate of meals. Surili says I dint devour inside the birthday party and felt hungry unexpectedly. it’s far embarrassing. I dint want anyone to look however that best took place. She gives to clean it but he tells her a servant will do it. he takes her to kitchen with him. She relishes the food and thank you him. He pours water for her. She offers him a bite however he politely declines. She thinks to lure Viraj to make her plan successful. She thank you him for the gesture.

Sitara asks the servant if she has visible Viraj. She is advised that he is in kitchen with the new visitor. Sitara hopes they don’t trouble

Surili tells a fake tale to Viraj and cries. Viraj gives her a tissue. She holds her hand and cries resting her head on his chest. Sitara comes simply then and finds Viraj consoling Surili. Surili and Sitara have a look at every other. Sitara asks Surili what she is doing here. how will you behave like this with a stranger? Surili apologizes and excuses herself. Viraj tells Sitara she changed into best involved. Sitara reminds him he is a prince. nobody can come this close to you! She walks out in a huff which puzzles Viraj.

next morning, anybody is gathered within the residence temple for the morning aarti. Vrinda joins them just then. Rani Sa looks in her path. Vrinda hypnotises her due to which Rani Sa utters the wrong Shloka. Vrinda says it efficaciously thereby catching everybody’s interest. Rani Sa wonders how she forgot the chant all of sudden. Ratan compliments Vrinda on no longer forgetting her roots even after being raised in overseas. He invites her for the aarti but Vrinda in a well mannered way declines. Rani Sa also asks her to join them. I seem little misplaced. Please do the puja and give Prasad to anybody. She takes Vrinda along with her. Sitara thinks her mom’s truth will come out in open the moment she can step in the temple. Chabeeli stops Vrinda just then. Didi can’t pass in temple. it is because of monthly issues. Rani Sa we could cross of them. She joins Ratan again for the puja and tells Ratan that Vrinda wont come here as she is sick. Ratan says puja is already done. let’s head for breakfast.

Vrinda is making an attempt archery. Ratan and every person clap for her as she hits bull’s eye. Yamini’s husband compliments Vrinda. Albeli tells him that each one 4 of them are very sharp shooters. Yamini stands among them. Ratan asks Vrinda from in which she has learnt such accurate archery. Albeli shares that she maintains end result over human beings’s heads and then shoots. She has a perfect rating. permit’s do it right here, Didi? Ratan is curious to see it live. Vrinda tells him no longer to fall for Albeli’s phrases. She exaggerates. Viraj also wants to see it. Surili also asks her sister to expose her expertise. Ratan asks Vrinda again. She tells him she will do it for his sake. Ratan comes to a decision to be her prey today. He choices an apple and stands in the front of her. i’m able to maintain it over my head and you’ll must hit the apple. Do you receive? Rani Sa and Samrat inform him against it but Vrinda accepts the mission. Chabeeli tells Sameer her sister is the great similar to him. I noticed you workout within the morning. My sister’s shot is as perfect as your body. Samrat falls for it. Viraj tells his Dad it’s far unstable but Ratan remains put. Vrinda seems at Sitara. She mentally tells Sitara to look that her Rajasahab has chosen to become my prey on his own. keep him if you can. Rani Sa is involved however Yamini tells her he could have concept approximately it.

Vrinda picks a bow and arrow. i used to be looking ahead to this threat because years. I wont let go of this risk now! Sitara concerns for Ratan’s protection as Vrinda goals her arrow at Ratan. Vrinda thinks her revenge might be complete nowadays. She shoots the arrow. Sitara holds it just before it’s far about to hit Ratan. every person looks on in shock. Ratan asks her what she did. Sitara asks her why simplest Vrinda is getting this danger. i am Minister’s daughter. i’ve learnt this because my early life. it’s far very clean to purpose while a person is standing. The actual skills can be when you may stroll and he or she will purpose! i can push back every arrow with a purpose to be coming closer to you. it’ll show her expertise and my worthiness too! Ratan accepts her circumstance and so does Vrinda.

Yamini’s husband shoots a bullet to begin the assignment. Ratan begins strolling. Vrinda starts offevolved shooting arrows at Ratan however Sitara holds them off the usage of her naked palms just before they may be about to hit Ratan. She wards off all of the arrows. Vrinda thinks Sitara is performing stubborn once more. She involves keep them each single time! Rani Sa praises Sitara. Vrinda launches the remaining arrow at the ground thereby accepting her defeat. you are certainly proficient and a real protector of Ratan ji! Very proud of you! Sitara asks her if she wont supply her any prize. Vrinda says i have given that already. it’s miles your turn to discover it. Don’t shift your recognition. focus on the arrow. you will reach your destination in your own! Sitara appears at the arrows.

In her room, Sitara paces thinking what Vrinda intended. Her sport is turning tough. She known as me Arjun telling me to cognizance on the eye of the fish so I hit bull’s eye. became there any trace in her arrows? She runs outdoor to search for a clue and finds the Hindi alphabet “Ta” reflected at the grass. She connects solar and Ta (saint). Vrinda appears on. You observed the second one clue so quickly. I remorse the fact that you are my daughter but you’re standing towards me however i’m similarly glad that you are smart and a courageous warrior. i would have hugged you if you weren’t status in my direction these days!

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Precap Upcoming Vish ya amrit Sitara episode update: Ratan welcomes a Saint in their house. He visits us whenever. Vrinda and her sisters decide to kill the saint before he can find out their truth. They mix poison in his providing. The saint is set to drink it but Sitara takes the bowl from him and gulps it down.


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