TV actor Vivek Dahiya has made his strong place in the entertainment industry. However being an outsider, it was not that easy too. He told the story of casting couch offers …

Vivek Dahiya Talks About His Casting Couch And Struggling
The small screen’s famous actress Divyaanka Tripathi’s birthday is today. Diwali was born on December 14, 1984 in Bhopal, Madhya Prasad. Diwali was given the TV serial ‘Bune Me Tere Dulhan’ and for this, she got the Indian Television Academy Award in Best Actress (Popular) category. Apart from this, he was also given Gold Award for Best Actress in a Lead Role for his role in Dr. Ishita’s role in serial ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’. In 2017, Diwali was also the winner of Dance Reality show ‘Nach Baliye’. Today, on his birthday, let’s know about some facts about Divya, which few people might know:

Actor Vivek Dahiya had signed a negative role in ‘Veera’ in the Entertainment Industry, then in ‘Aap Ki Mohabbatein’ in ‘Raj’, ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’, he got a lot of popularity from the role of Rajbir in ACP Abhishek and ‘Kavach’. In conversation with, he told about his struggles in this industry. In this, their casting couch experience is also associated.

Vivek Dahiya Wife
Diwali is very much like food. Although he wakes up to eat, but he does not have any problem in cooking the non-veg for others.

Vivek explains that he was fortunate in acting. Carpets used to work in Chandigarh and during this time sometimes even modeling. On the advice of a friend, he auditioned for acting. After that he came to Mumbai with 50 thousand rupees in the account. They decided that the day will not go away and will go back to that day.

Dayanaka enjoys mountainous and for this, he has also done a mounting course from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering in Uttarkashi.
Divyaanka has a lot of interest in shopping and her favorite place for this is Mumbai’s iron carrier.

Vivek told about the days of conflict that it is present everywhere, all depends on you. He said, I did not compromise with my principles. Vivek explains that if you step into the glamor industry, then you get many coordinators. One such coordinator had told Vivek that it is difficult to survive in this industry because there is no God Father and at that time Napotojima was at the peak.

Initially, he told Vivek that if people want a big roll in the show then people will have to pay themselves. When Vivek refused to give money, he suggested another way which was of Casting Couch. In it, they had to ‘cheer’ people. When Vivek asked if there is any other way than this, he replied, ‘Your shoes will be scarred but you will not get the job. nothing will happen.’ Vivek responded on this, I have lots of shoes, I will wear one or the other but I will not choose the wrong path.


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