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Mat Linz who serves as Henry as one of the survivors in the overseas drama “Walking Dead” Season 9 which is currently on air . He is playing a boy living in a collapsed world where zombies are raging, but Madison Linz and his brother Maxixen Linz , the real older sister, were once casts of the same drama.

Henry, the adopted son of survivors Ezekiel ( Carrie · Peyton ) and Carol ( Melissa · McBride ), was originally a character who lived in the “kingdom” where Ezekiel ruled. Currently living in community hill top where survivors such as Darryl ( Norman · Leadas ) live.

The character Henry appeared from the season 7 of the drama, but Matt acts as a coach from the sixth episode of Season 9. Until then, he was playing Henry, Mack’s father’s brother Maxix. In season 9, on the development of the story, since six years have passed by time jump, Henry who was a child has also grown to be a teenager. By playing the same character with brothers, you can feel the change realistically.

In addition, Madison’s older sister Madison was playing Sofia, a survivor girl who appeared in drama season 1 and 2. Although there is no co-star with Matt or Maxix with a drama, it is a rare case to have a sister and a sister appeared in the same drama.

Angela Kang, director of production and script, says, “It is a lot of fun for Linz sister and brother to appear in the drama series with us,” he told Entertainment Weekly. It is Henry who has a sense of presence in the season 9 which entered the second half of the race, but it may be interesting to look back on the performance of his brothers, going back to the past season.

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