“Walking / Dead” Mishowen actress, graduate at season 10

When Danai Grilla appearing on AMOC’s popular overseas drama “Walking Dead” as Michael’s role with the season 10 scheduled to be broadcast this autumn, The Hollywood Reporter and other media reported.

Mishawn who appeared from season 3 is a woman who skillfully manipulates Japanese sword with dread hair being distinctive. As she was a lone woman, while acting with the survivor such as the protagonist Rick, she notices the importance of living in the group. Even Season 9 which is on air now, he is active as one of the center character.

According to the site, Danai only appeared limited episodes in Season 10, and reported that they will graduate with the same season. After that, there is a possibility of appearing with Andrew Lincoln as role of Rick in the movie series of “Walking Dead” currently planned by AMC .

Danai started the same work, starred Ocoe with the Marvel movie ” Black Panther “, and appeared in the same age as ” Avengers / Infinity War “. It is also one of the actresses expected to be active in the future, including being involved in the appearance negotiations of the movie “Godzilla vs. Kong (original work) / Godzilla vs. Kong” in which the two big monsters Godzilla and King Kong collide.


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