Watch Anushka Sharma Workout Video: Anushka Sharma Looks Fantastic At The Gym
Anushka Sharma Workout Video Anushka Sharma was seen working in the gym. Now his video is becoming quite viral on social media.

The way Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma focuses on her films and personal life, the same meditation holds her fitness too. Anuska Sharma’s videos of viral on the social media show that she is very sensitive about fitness. Recently, the video shared by his fan phage is becoming quite viral, in which Anushka Sharma seems to be doing workouts at the gym.

Anushka Sharma’s three videos have been shared from Fan Page, which shows that Anushka is sweating sweat in the gym after being dead. According to the video, Anushka is undertaking deadlift by lifting heavy weights and simultaneously performing Anushka with Dumbles. People are watching the workout of Anushka with her husband Virat Kohli.

Fans, giving their feedback on the video, wrote that both husband and wife are hardworking and a user has written, “It happens when your husband is fitness freak.” Fans Anushka is praising this workout and hard work. Let’s say that recently Anushka returned from England with her husband Virat Kohli playing in the World Cup, and since then she has been back in her routine.

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Talking about his work, Anushka has not made any announcement about her next project, and the last time Anushka Sharma, Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif appeared to be working in Zero.

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