Watch Video: After Ranu Mandal, Now The Song Sung By Uber Driver Became Viral

After Ranu Mandal, who became famous with the song of Lata Mangeshkar, awarded by JNN Bharatharatna, the video of Manoj, the driver of Uber, is now going viral. This song has become very viral now.

The film Aashiqui came in the 90s and the songs of this film were very popular and people liked it. The driver did this song in the cab and Sang Mike l are being well received the song 55 seconds l singer this song Aashiqui movie Kumar Sanu sung by l

Ranu Mandal became very famous on social media by singing the song of Lata Mangeshkar at the railway station and now he has taken a Bollywood entry by singing in Himesh Reshammiya’s next film.

A user shared this song of Vinod on social media and wrote, ‘I met Vinod ji driver in Lucknow, who is a great singer. After riding him, I asked him to sing for me. Watch and make them famous. They also have YouTube channels.


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